Choosing Between SafeLite Crack Seal and Full Windshield Repair

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Sophia White asked 7 months ago
I recently encountered a dilemma with my car's windshield. A heavy hit has left a visible center point, and I'm torn between two options: getting a crack sealed by SafeLite for $170 or opting for a full windshield replacement. SafeLite quoted $490 for the full replacement, but a nearby auto glass shop offered a lower quote of $360. I'm seeking advice on which option to choose. Is it more prudent to save money with the crack seal, or should I invest in a full replacement?
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Zack Norman Staff answered 7 months ago
Hey there, Sophia! Thanks for your question, this is a common concern among car owners, and particularly so when you're dealing with something as expensive as windshield repairs or replacements. Based on the information you've provided and similar experiences shared by others, as well as some of my own experiences in the past, it seems that a full windshield replacement might be the best course of action, especially considering the size and visibility of the damage. While a crack seal is more affordable, it often serves as a temporary fix. Many drivers have reported that cracks reappear or grow, especially in fluctuating temperatures. A full replacement, though more expensive initially, can be a more reliable and long-term solution. Moreover, if your insurance policy covers windshield damage, you might be able to get the replacement at a reduced cost or even for free. In terms of choosing between SafeLite and the local auto glass shop, it would be wise to consider factors like warranty, service quality, and customer reviews. Sometimes, local shops offer more personalized services and better prices. However, ensure that the replacement glass is of good quality and that the installation is done professionally. In conclusion, while the crack seal is a cheaper option, investing in a full windshield replacement seems to be a more dependable solution in the long run. Ensure to check your insurance coverage and choose a reputable service provider. Zack - Motor Verso Mechanics Team