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Raymond Mirra asked 3 months ago
at what point (model year) if yet is the honda cvt reliable enough to get 150K miles
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Zack Norman Staff answered 3 months ago
Hey there, Raymond! Great question! Honda's CVT transmissions have indeed been a topic of discussion regarding its reliability. The general consensus is that Honda significantly improved the CVT's reliability starting from the 2015 model year. This improvement is attributed to enhanced design and better manufacturing processes. Here are the highlights that might interest you: Key Points:
  1. Pre-2015 Concerns: Earlier Honda models equipped with CVTs (before 2015) faced some reliability issues, primarily related to the transmission's belt and pulley system.
  2. Post-2015 Improvements: From 2015 onwards, Honda addressed these issues with stronger, more reliable components and better software calibration. This resulted in a noticeable increase in longevity and performance.
  3. Maintenance is Key: Regardless of the model year, regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity of the CVT. This includes timely fluid changes and avoiding extreme driving conditions.
  4. Real-World Feedback: Consumer feedback and mechanic reports since 2015 have been predominantly positive regarding the CVT's performance and reliability over 150,000 miles.
  5. Model-Specific Research: It's also worth noting that different Honda models may have slight variations in their CVT. Conducting model-specific research can provide more detailed insights.
In conclusion, if you're looking at a Honda with a CVT from 2015 or later, you're likely to experience a reliable transmission capable of hitting 150,000 miles with proper care. As always, it's wise to get any used vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic before purchasing. Hope that helps, and do let me know if you need any further insights or help! Zack - Motor Verso Mechanics Team