How to Properly Dispose of Used Engine Oil?

QuestionsCategory: Ask An ExpertHow to Properly Dispose of Used Engine Oil?
Jessica Lee asked 3 months ago
Hi, I've been doing my own oil changes and now have about 20L of used, blackened engine oil stored in my garage. I understand that disposing of it in drains or on the ground is not an option, so I'm looking for the correct method of disposal, especially since I live in Australia. Could you please advise me on this?
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Zack Norman Staff answered 3 months ago
Hello there, Jessica! It's great to hear you're taking an environmentally responsible approach to disposing of used engine oil - this is something that so many people often don't think about when they're disposing of old engine oil and other automotive fluids like coolant. In Australia, from what I've learned, there are several options you can consider:
  1. Local Auto Parts Stores or Garages: Many of these establishments accept used engine oil for recycling. They either repurpose it as fuel for heating or recycle it properly.
  2. Municipal or County Hazardous Waste Recycling: Check if your local council offers hazardous waste recycling services. They often have specific days or locations for disposing of items like used engine oil.
  3. Transfer Stations or Waste Management Centres: These facilities usually accept used motor oil. Some may charge a small fee, depending on the quantity.
  4. Council Tip: Your local council tip might take the oil, but be aware there could be a disposal cost.
  5. Specific Recycling Programs: Look for household chemical clean-out programs run by your council or state government. These are often free.
  6. Online Resources: Websites like can provide specific locations near you where you can drop off used motor oil.
Please avoid illegal or harmful disposal methods such as pouring it into sewers, water streams, or the ground. These practices can cause significant environmental damage. Hope this helps, and thanks for doing your part in protecting the environment! Zack - Motor Verso Mechanics Team