Is $1,450 Too Much for Replacing Front Lower Control Arms?

QuestionsCategory: Ask An ExpertIs $1,450 Too Much for Replacing Front Lower Control Arms?
Alexander Susan Miller asked 3 months ago
Hello, I'm seeking advice on a quote I received for my 2013 Subaru Impreza, which has about 80,000 miles. I recently took it to a dealership in San Francisco for routine inspection, and they found both front lower control arm bushings torn. They quoted $1,450 for the replacement. This price seems excessive compared to online averages. Could this be due to the higher costs in the Bay Area, or is it specifically expensive for Subarus? I am considering other opinions as this is my first car, and I'm unsure about reasonable pricing for such repairs. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
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Zack Norman Staff answered 3 months ago
Hey there, Alexander! The quote you received does seem on the higher side, even considering the location and the make of your vehicle, at least from what I've encountered in the past, and even considering market fluctuations. For context, the parts for both front lower control arms typically cost around $200, and the labor should take about 2 hours for a skilled technician. Given that the average hourly rate for labor in a standard shop is around $120, the total cost should ideally be in the $500 range. The Bay Area might have higher rates, but a difference of nearly $1,000 is quite substantial. It's wise to get a second opinion, in this case. Rates can vary significantly between dealerships and independent shops. Also, consider that an alignment might be necessary after this repair, which could add to the cost, but it still shouldn't bring the total anywhere near $1,450. For a more balanced cost, you could check out local mechanics or other reputable shops in your area, and get another quote for the same repairs, and see if you could save some there. Dealerships are known for higher rates, so exploring other options could lead to significant savings. Zack - Motor Verso Mechanics Team