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David Del Grande asked 3 months ago
In the mid 1970s I owned a Jaguar xke 2+2, 1969, 6 cylinder, color forest green. I’m curious to know its status. Many of these cars are being restored and I would to know if my Jag is one of them. Unfortunately I don’t know the VIN. Thank you.
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Zack Norman Staff answered 3 months ago
Hi there, David! It's great to hear about your previous ownership with your Jag, and I'm sorry to hear that you've been having difficulties with trying to track it down. Do bear in mind, that without the VIN, it will be tough to track down any car, but it's still not impossible to do. Here's what we can do to track down its current status:
  1. Check with Jaguar Clubs and Enthusiast Groups: Start by contacting local and national Jaguar clubs and forums. Enthusiasts often keep records or have knowledge of specific vehicles, especially models as iconic as the XKE. It might also be possible the car you've previously owned might've been mentioned at some point or shared on a thread on some of these forums.
  2. Social Media and Online Forums: Post about your car in relevant social media groups and online forums dedicated to classic cars or specifically to Jaguar models. Include details like the model, color, and any distinctive features it had. You might come across someone who knows about its whereabouts or current condition. Or, even the current owner itself!
  3. Contact Previous Owners or Dealerships: If you remember the dealership where you sold the car or any subsequent owners, reaching out to them could provide leads. They might have records or remember who they sold the car to next.
  4. Classic Car Databases and Auction Sites: Websites that specialize in classic cars and auction sites sometimes have histories of cars that have gone through their hands. While this is a long shot without the VIN, it's worth checking these platforms.
  5. Publicity in Classic Car Magazines or Websites: Consider writing to classic car magazines or websites with your story. They might publish it, increasing the chances of someone recognizing your old Jag.
  6. Local Car Shows and Meets: Attend local car shows and meets, especially those focusing on classic or British cars. Networking with fellow enthusiasts can often lead to unexpected discoveries, and some of them might have a lead on where you can find your old Jag.
Remember, without the VIN, it might be challenging to track the exact car. However, the classic car community is often very supportive and might be able to help you out. Good luck with your search! Best regards, Zack - Motor Verso Mechanics Team