Key Stuck in Ignition, Can’t Remove It

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Alex Mercer asked 4 weeks ago
I'm facing a frustrating issue with my car. The key got stuck in the ignition and no matter what I try, it just won't come out. I've tried wiggling it gently, turning it back and forth, but nothing seems to work. It's like it's locked in place. I'm worried about draining the battery if the key is stuck in the "on" position, and I'm also concerned about the security of my car if I can't remove the key. This has never happened before and I'm not sure what could have caused it or how to fix it.
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Paul Hadley Staff answered 4 weeks ago
Hi Alex, Sorry to hear about the trouble with your key getting stuck in the ignition. This can indeed be a vexing issue, but there are a few steps you can try to resolve it:
  1. Check the Car's Position: Ensure your vehicle is in 'Park' mode (or in 'Neutral' for manual transmissions). Sometimes the key won't come out if the car isn't properly parked.
  2. Steering Wheel Adjustment: Gently wiggle the steering wheel back and forth while attempting to remove the key. Steering lock can sometimes prevent the key from being released.
  3. Battery Connection: Double-check the battery connection. A weak or dying battery can sometimes cause issues with the electrical system, including the ignition.
  4. Key Condition: Inspect the key for any damage or wear. If it's bent or damaged, it might be getting stuck.
  5. Avoid Excessive Weight on Keychain: Heavy keychains can put pressure on the ignition cylinder, leading to wear and eventual malfunction. Try using a lighter keychain.
  6. Lubrication: If the key is still stuck, you can try a quick spray of lubricant into the ignition. Be cautious and use a lubricant that's safe for electronic components.
  7. Professional Help: If none of these steps work, it's best to call a professional. Continuing to force the key can cause damage to the ignition cylinder.
Remember, it's important to address this issue promptly to avoid potential security risks and further damage to your vehicle. Best regards, Motor Verso Mechanics Team