Quality of Detroit Axle Parts for Vehicle Maintenance – Good or Bad?

QuestionsCategory: Ask An ExpertQuality of Detroit Axle Parts for Vehicle Maintenance – Good or Bad?
Jennifer Sarah Anderson asked 7 months ago
Hello, I'm currently working on a 2006 Dodge Stratus SXT 2.4L and facing several maintenance challenges. Initially, it was just a front strut assemblies replacement due to upper mount bushings disintegration, alongside stabilizer bar links and bushings. However, it escalated to replacing all suspension components, including upper & lower control arms, due to cracked ball joint grease boots. I've decided to also replace the outer tie rod ends. For these parts, I'm primarily using Mevotech components, except for the Delphi upper control arms. I am also replacing the left CV axle due to a torn boot and leaking grease. In this process, I came across a complete suspension and tie rod component set from Detroit Axle at an incredibly low price. I'm curious about the quality of Detroit Axle products and would appreciate any insights or experiences with this brand. Additionally, I'd also welcome comments on Mevotech components as well.
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Zack Norman Staff answered 7 months ago
Hi there, Jennifer! I hope all goes well with that extensive maintenance project on your Dodge Stratus! Regarding your question:
  1. Detroit Axle Quality: Detroit Axle is known for offering affordable aftermarket parts. Many users have found their products reliable, especially for non-electronic components like suspension parts. However, there's a mix of experiences. Some users report satisfactory durability, while others have faced issues with part fitment and customer service. It's often noted that their parts are a mix of Made in USA and China, which can vary in quality. When the price is significantly lower than other options, it's wise to be cautious.
  2. Mevotech Components: Mevotech generally receives positive feedback for their build quality. Their parts often come with the necessary hardware, which is a plus. Many find them to be a reliable choice for suspension components.
  3. General Advice: If budget allows, opting for OEM or higher-quality aftermarket parts can be beneficial in the long term, especially for crucial components. This is something I'd always recommend for most people. However, for budget-conscious repairs, brands like Detroit Axle and Mevotech offer a viable alternative, though it's important to keep expectations in line with the price.
Remember, regardless of the brand, regular inspections and maintenance are key to ensuring the longevity of these parts. Best of luck with your repairs! Zack - Motor Verso Mechanics Team