Tiny Scratches on Windshield: How to Fix or Replace?

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Barbara Samuel Martin asked 4 months ago
Hi there! I've noticed my car's windshield is covered in tiny scratches, especially visible when driving towards the sun with the sun low. It's really affecting visibility and I'm wondering if there's a trick to fix these scratches or if I should consider replacing the windshield. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Zack Norman Staff answered 4 months ago
Hello there, Barbara! Tiny scratches on your windshield can indeed be a nuisance, especially under certain lighting conditions. There are a few options you can consider:
  1. Polishing the Glass: Products like Cerium Oxide can be used to polish the glass, similar to how you'd polish a car's paint. However, this requires time, effort, and the right technique, as there's a risk of overheating or cracking the glass.
  2. Glass Coverage in Insurance: Depending on where you live, your car insurance might cover windshield damage with no deductible. It's worth checking your policy or contacting your insurance provider for clarification.
  3. Professional Services: Some professionals specialize in glass polishing and repair. While this can be cost-effective, ensure the technician has experience to avoid further damage.
  4. DIY Kits: There are headlight restore kits available that can also be used on glass. These kits usually come with a polishing paste and are relatively easy to use, but they might not be as effective on deeper scratches.
  5. Replacement: In cases where the scratches are too deep or widespread, replacing the windshield might be the best option. Again, check if your insurance policy covers this.
  6. Prevention: To prevent future scratches, avoid parking under trees, maintain a safe distance from vehicles in front, replace wipers regularly, and use protective coatings after washing your car.
Remember, while DIY methods can be tempting, they often carry risks. If you're unsure, it's always safer to consult a professional. Zack - Motor Verso Mechanics Team