Understanding HCAT and AIR Codes on My Eclipse GT

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Lily Victoria Smith asked 6 months ago
I recently used an ANCEL AD410 code reader to scan my 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT. The reader displayed several terms, including "HCAT" and "AIR," along with other readiness monitors. I'm puzzled about what these specific codes mean and how they relate to my vehicle, especially since my check engine light is on. Can you provide some insight into these codes and suggest what steps I should take next?
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Zack Norman Staff answered 5 months ago
Hey there, Lily! Great question! Let's break down what these terms mean:
  1. HCAT (Heated Catalyst): This refers to a system in some vehicles that preheats the catalytic converter, aiding in more efficient emission control. However, it's worth noting that many modern cars, including models from the early 2000s, may not have this system due to advancements in engine programming.
  2. AIR (Air Injection Reaction): This was a system used primarily in the 90s to help catalytic converters burn cleaner and more efficiently by preheating them. Like HCAT, advancements in vehicle technology have made this system obsolete in newer models.
For your 2003 Eclipse GT, it's possible that these systems are not applicable, hence your scanner reading them as not available (N/A). If your check engine light is on, you should focus on the trouble codes stored in your vehicle's computer. The OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) readiness monitors you're seeing are different from these trouble codes. They check for the operational status of various systems related to emissions, but they don't specifically diagnose issues that trigger the check engine light. Here’s what you should do:
  • Check Trouble Codes: Use your code reader to access the stored trouble codes. These will provide specific information about any issues your car is experiencing.
  • Consult a Professional: If you're unsure about interpreting these codes or the necessary repairs, it's wise to consult a professional mechanic.
Remember, the check engine light can be triggered by a wide range of issues, from minor to serious. It's essential to address it promptly to avoid potential damage to your vehicle. Zack - Motor Verso Mechanics Team