Understanding the Meaning of Code P1604 in a Toyota Corolla – HELP!

QuestionsCategory: Ask An ExpertUnderstanding the Meaning of Code P1604 in a Toyota Corolla – HELP!
Matthew Williams asked 4 months ago
When diagnosing some issues on my car, I came across the error code P1604 for my 2014 Toyota Corolla. I've asked around in some community forums and online threads, and the comments provided various insights but I'm still unclear about the exact meaning and implications of this code. Can you explain what P1604 indicates for this vehicle and how it might relate to other potential issues like the P0420 code?
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Zack Norman Staff answered 4 months ago
Hey there, Matthew! The code P1604 in your 2014 Toyota Corolla typically indicates a "Start Ability Malfunction." This means that if your car took too long to crank before starting, it would store this code. Common causes can be a dying battery or even running out of fuel. If you've addressed the cause (like replacing a battery), you can usually just clear the code and continue using your car. Regarding the P0420 code, this is a different issue. It usually points to a problem with the catalytic converter or the O2 sensors, especially in a car with high mileage like yours (350,000 km). With such high mileage, it's possible your catalytic converter is becoming less efficient. You should check for exhaust leaks and monitor the voltage of the downstream O2 sensor. If the voltage is consistently above 0.6V, the catalytic converter might need replacing. In conclusion, while P1604 focuses on start ability issues, P0420 is more about the efficiency of your catalytic converter and O2 sensors. It's advisable to address these issues promptly to maintain the performance and health of your vehicle. If you have further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out! Zack - Motor Verso Mechanics Team