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Buy Raikkonen’s 2003 McLaren Steering Wheel on eBay

If you’re a big F1 fan, then you will love any opportunity to get your hands on authentic parts of F1 cars.

2003 McLaren Steering Wheel (1)

Raikkonen’s 2003 McLaren Steering Wheel

Recently Kimi Raikkonen’s spare McLaren steering wheel from the 2003 season sold on eBay for £14,300. I’m sure this will soon be parked in a wealthy fans collection somewhere. And, although I doubt they would admit it, when it turns up in the post, I bet the first thing they would do is hold it straight out in front of them and pretend they’re doing 200mph.

Raikkonen’s 2003 McLaren Steering Wheel

This piece of F1 memorabilia is in perfect condition, as it was never used on track, but it is still a great peace of memorabilia to add to the collection.

2003 McLaren Steering Wheel (7)

2003 was Raikkonen’s second year at McLaren, the steering wheel in question was for the MP4-17D F1 car that Kimi won his first ever F1 race in at the Malaysian GP.

2003 McLaren Steering Wheel (4)

Take a look at the eBay auction here.

 2003 McLaren Steering Wheel (3)


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