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Renault Megane RS To Come With 4 Wheel Steering

Watch out Ford and Honda the french are coming

The next generation of hot Megane is set to come with 4 wheel steering as standard. The previous Renault Megane RS’ have been fantastic thanks to their agility and handling and this upgrade is only going to improve the situation. The new Megane RS still hasn’t been fully revealed yet but is expected later this year at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor show in September.

The First car in its class to come with 4 wheel steering as standard

Renault’s hot Meganes have always succeeded against their competition with handling rather than outright power, their chassis dynamics and agility are often their main selling point over the more powerful Civic Type R and Focus RS. The 4 wheel steering system Renault call 4 Control is the first system of its kind in this class of car. It works Renault say: “by enabling the car’s rear wheels to assist in steering by means of an electromagnetic actuator mounted on the rear axle”. The magicians at Renault engineered the system to increase the limit of the cars performance at high speed along with improving agility and cornering stability.

Multiple chassis options available

The new Megane RS will be available with two different chassis, the Sport chassis is a softer more comfortable version which combines ride comfort and high performance, whereas the Cup chassis is engineered to provide the ultimate track performance. Whilst official power specs are yet to be revealed we do know the Megane RS will use the same 1.8 litre turbocharged engine as the new Alpine A110 but will most likely receive a power boost to around 300BHP to compete with the competition from Ford, Honda and Volkswagen.

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