Twingo GT Renault

Renault Teases The New Twingo GT

The tiny, pop-it-in-your-pocket Twingo is getting a boost.

The Renault Twingo GT

It’s not quite the hotly-anticipated RS but instead the Renault Twingo GT, teased in a picture released by Renault on Twitter captioned, ‘Now you get it? Did you really think @RenaultSport would stop now? To be continued… #LetsRaceTogether’.

From Test to Road

Renault were spotted testing the new Twingo in 2014, with spotters unsure whether it would be a GT or a more gleeful RenaultSport badged model. After much speculation and anticipation the Renault Twingo GT is supposedly (and not surprisingly given Renault’s tweet) close to a release date, so keep your eyes open.

Surprises Come in Small Packages

Of course, the Twingo model may not be kitted out with hundreds upon hundreds of rough-and-ready horsepower but as we all know, surprises come in small packages. With the car being as weeny as it is, the expected upgrade on the 110 hp turbocharged 0.9 litre TCE engine will make the Twingo GT quite a nippy little car, perfect for its intended city environment.

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