Replace Range Rover Evoque Door Locks

Replace Range Rover Evoque Door Locks – How To Get It Locking Again

If you are a Land Rover Range Rover Evoque owner, then it is a matter of time before you may need to consider replacing your door lock mechanisms. Alas, this is unfortunately common, leaving owners puzzled over how to replace Range Rover Evoque door locks.

range rover evoque door lock problems

Alas, over time the locking mechanisms begin to wear out and may no longer be capable of either locking or unlocking the doors of the vehicle. This can sometimes manifest as an intermittent fault which then grows over time to a complete failure. 

Part List To Replace Range Rover Evoque Door Locks

We have looked around online to find who stocks these locks. There will change from time to time, but please see the below. Double-check the part numbers etc for your exact car, model and trim.

Front Passenger Lock – Amazon

Front Driver Lock – Amazon

Rear Left Lock – Amazon

Rear Right Lock – Amazon

Pack of all 4 locks – Amazon

Solution For Replacing Range Rover Evoque Door Locks

To resolve the problem, you should replace the locking mechanisms of the affected doors. You can either get a Land Rover specialist to do this for you, or you can do it yourself. I personally managed to carry out this task myself as an amateur mechanic, and it took me an average of one hour per lock, without rushing.

Here is the overview of the replacement process:

  1. Remove the door card
  2. Disconnect cabling
  3. Remove the inner door card
  4. Remove screws from the lock
  5. Disconnect cabling and lock
  6. Refit
  7. Test

Get A Professional To Replace Range Rover Evoque Door Locks

If you don’t have time or the ability to do the work yourself. Call JMB Services on 0121 296 7820  – They can carry out the work using the original parts.

Location: Unit 8 Century Industrial Estate, Shady Lane, Great Barr, Birmingham, B44 9ER

Without Keyless Entry – Parts and Labour (Estimated cost)

  • 1 x Lock – £180
  • 4 x Locks – £650

With Keyless Entry – Parts and Labour (Estimated cost)

  • 1 x Lock –  £225
  • 4 x Locks – £820

Do It Yourself With Our Step by Step Video

We have created a full-length video running through the process from start to finish showing you how to replace one of the locks on your Range Rover. This could save you hundreds of pounds by giving it a go yourself with our guidance.

We purchased the locks, spent time disassembling, filming and reassembling the car and then created a step by step video so that it is easy to follow. Anyone that has used a screwdriver before should be able to complete the lock install if they follow our video guide.

If you fitted your locked yourself and saved yourself some time and money please let us know in the comments. Should you be able to donate even a small amount as appreciation please use the donate button below. If we can help with your installation leave a comment.

The Process Of Replacing Range Rover Evoque Door Locks

1) Remove The Door Card

The door card needs to be removed to allow access to the lock. Open the door. There are 4 screws to be removed (see image below). Please note beforehand that all the screws are covered with plastic inserts that will need to be removed by either using a small thin screwdriver or a blade.

  1. Inside the door Release Handle (Yellow)
  2. Underneath the door Pull Handle (Red)
  3. On the edge of the door (Blue)

How to remove the door card on evoque

Once the screws have been removed, the door card then needs to be pried away from the door. There is a risk of damaging the paintwork here, so I would recommend using a selection of plastic lever bars.

These are the plastic lever tools needed for the job.

Place a lever bar between the door card and the metal part of the door, then use two levers to force the door card’s clips out of the door’s holes. Work your way around the edge of the door, while being careful not to damage the clips. Please note that the card will be removed outwards from the door itself and does not need to be pulled up.

2) Disconnect The Cables

Once the door card has been removed, you will need to support it whilst you remove all the cables (see image below). This can be done with one hand if needed, and you need to be careful not to break any of the connectors.

Here are the internal wire connectors

3) Remove The Inner Door Card

Before removing the inner section of the door card, there are two cables that need to be disconnected which are highlighted in yellow below (see image below).

Next, you will need to remove the 12 screws around the edge of the inner card (Red).

Once removed, you will notice the card is held in place with a sticky seal. Once again, you will need to use a plastic lever tool to separate the two parts.

As it comes off, you will need to run the door handle cable through the trim and turn the inner door card downwards.

Torx 25 screws holding the door card in place.

Once this is done, you can leave the card hanging. Be careful not to damage the exposed speaker.

Inner door card removed.

4) Remove The Screws From The Lock

Before removing the screws, reach inside the door and disconnect the power connector from the lock.

Next, look at the end of the door. Where the locking mechanism sits, there will be 3 screws. Remove all 3 of these allowing the lock to hang only by the internal cables.

Evoque Door Locking mechanism replace screws

5) Disconnect The Cables And Remove The Lock

Depending on which door you are working on, there will be two or three cables to disconnect:

  1. The internal door handle cable
  2. The external door handle cable
  3. The manual key operation cable (My testing was on the passenger door)

Removing the cables is very complicated work and difficult to explain. I would recommend using a torch inside the door to carefully examine how the cables are fitted, so you can safely remove them and refit the cables to the new lock. The cables need to be properly aligned to be disconnected and reconnected so please don’t hesitate to take your time.

Range Rover Evoque Door locking mechanism

6) Refit The New Locking Mechanism

Next up, simply repeat the procedure in reverse. I would advise reconnecting the door open cables first, before attaching the lock to the door again, as it is much easier to handle.

7) Testing The New Lock

Once everything has been reassembled, before shutting the door, make sure you check that the lock has been unlocked, otherwise you may risk damaging the lock or the door.

Check that it locks, deadlocks and unlocks without any issues.

Finally check all the switchgear that was disconnected (electric windows, mirrors, lighting and speakers etc).

Once you’ve fitted your locked yourself and saved yourself some time and money please let us know in the comments. Should you be able to donate even a small amount as appreciation please use the donate button below. If we can help with your installation leave a comment.


Facts: Range Rover Evoque Not Locking

  • If your Range Rover Evoque is not locking, it can be caused by several reasons, such as battery-related issues, blown fuse, faulty actuator, or overall failure of the lock mechanism.
  • The central locking system of Range Rover Evoque comprises an electrical component that responds to the driver’s command and saves time by uniformly locking and unlocking all doors with the trunk.
  • Faulty keys can cause Range Rover Evoque not to lock, and if it works manually, the battery may need replacement.
  • Fuse-related problems can also affect the locks, as the fuse may be blown, cutting off the transmission of electrical current to the central locking system.
  • The door may be stuck due to a faulty mechanism, causing the central lock to activate and deactivate.
  • The power door lock switch and actuator can malfunction due to constant usage, affecting the locking system of the car.
  • To fix Range Rover Evoque lock problems, replace the key batteries, change the blown fuse, and lubricate the mechanism.
  • You can use a DIY method to replace the door lock mechanism, but if you are unsure, visit an expert for replacement.
  • The passive locking system of Range Rover Evoque will activate when the smart key is discovered outside the car, but the car does not lock automatically.
  • To reset the key fob on your Range Rover Evoque, locate the small button at the back of your key fob, hold it for 15 seconds, and release it.

FAQs On How To Replace Range Rover Evoque Door Locks

If you’re still unsure, perhaps our FAQs here on how to replace Range Rover Evoque door locks might help…

How Do You Manually Lock A Range Rover Evoque

The driver’s side section of the lock has a small plastic part that can be removed to open up a physical lock that you can turn.

Do Range Rovers Lock Automatically

Drive-away locking automatically locks all of the doors when the vehicle reaches a set speed. This can be turned on and off.

Car Door Lock Replacement Cost UK

Replacing a car’s door locks is surprisingly expensive, owing mostly to the labour required. It’s especially the case if your vehicle has a complex security system or adopts keyless entry. However, the actual costs vary from one make and model to another. For Range Rover Evoques, replacing a single door lock usually costs around £200. Nevertheless, replacing all 4x door locks on your Evoque could skyrocket to anywhere from £600 to £800 and beyond.

Replacement Caravan Door Lock

Ah, but what if you have a caravan, instead? Unlike cars, most caravans don’t usually have any sophisticated keyless entry systems or security lock-outs. In most instances, caravan door locks are very similar to regular barrel-style door locks that you’ll find at your home. Most often, you’ll find caravan-specific replacement door locks for around £30 to £50 on average. Yet, this is for a complete set to lock your caravan, including the handle, keys, locking cylinder, and so on.

Car Door Lock Repair

Should your car doors have issues with locking, there are plenty of repair services out there. For starters, just Google “car door lock repair UK”, and you’ll find a plethora of technicians nearby that can help. They can aid with issues such as your car door getting jammed, or stuck, or if the locking mechanism is broken. Perhaps, maybe the door locks are sticking, fail to latch properly, or prevents you from locking it. Certain locksmiths could also help with your ignition, too.

Car Door Latch Mechanism

If your car’s door fails to close or lock properly, the latching mechanism is often the first to be blamed. You can find the latch located within your car’s door assembly. With it there, it can more easily engage an anchoring point, often called a striker. You’d find this anchor or striker attached to the main body of the vehicle. As you slam the door, that latch will close in and lock itself around the anchor or striker. Thus, keeping your door locked and secured. To open it, all you need to do is operate the door handles. As such, that’s how you actuate the latch.

Approved Tools

These tools have been tried and tested by our team, they are ideal for fixing your car at home.

  • AI Car Expert: I am here to help you with your car questions. Ask me anything.

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  • Ricardo Says


    I’ve a RR Evoque from 2014 and now it started to give this problem, when I lock the doors from the remote, it lock the driver’s door but then wont unlock it anymore, need to be done manually.
    Seen this post and purchased the door lock from Ebay at a very cheap price ( compared to the dealer), let’s see how it goes… 😀

    Thank you for the article, you saved my life!

  • Matt Says

    Great tutorial. Used it to replace a front passenger door lock on a 2014 Evoque. Brilliant, thanks!

    • Zack Norman Says

      Thanks for the comment, Matt!

      Glad to hear that our guides have been of some assistance.

  • Mark Williams Says

    Thank you so much for this tutorial, Local Garage wanted £230 to do the job but thanks to you, i got replacement lock on ebay for £49 and done the job in an hour!
    only thing i would advise is when taking inner panel out and turning upside down is watch out for the silver square spacers with holes in them that secure the outer door card do not come out and loose them.
    Fantastic write up,
    All the best,

    • Hi Mark,

      Great job. Glad we could help you save a few quid. It all helps.

      People will see your comment here about the silver square spacers and know to watch out now too.


    • philip smith Says

      Hi Mark,

      Have been told that you need to reset the system (whatever that means) after changing these, is that correct, or was it just a case of plugging them in and away to go?
      2015 Evoque drivers door will not lock.

      Many thanks in advance.

  • Peter Walker Says

    Many thanks for a great posting just what i need, I have question and that is based on correct part number required. Any idea where to look for this, It is the drivers side of a 2014 Dynamic 2.2 diesel automatic

    • Hi Peter, I don’t have the information. But if it helps I have added some links to the locks you can buy online. The part numbers may change slightly as I have seen various ones looking online.

  • Mark Says

    I’ve just done my offside rear today, both offside door locks needed doing, but still waiting for the other to be delivered. Unfortunately i think I’ve used the part meant for the drivers door on the passenger door. I just want to let people know that i don’t think it matters too much, it looks like the only difference is the lack of child lock.

  • philip smith Says

    2015 Evoque drivers side door will not lock, so assuming I need to change this lock mechanism, one question a local garage (not land rover) stated that the system would need to be reset after doing this and they did not have the correct gear to do this, is this correct or is it just a case as above of changing it and hey presto all is good ? thanks in advance for your help !

  • keano kray Says

    This lock problem is b..l s..t how can new car door lock fail this quick ohh my bad its rover taking over by giant jag bmw and that so why they make these parts so weak considering big companies behind this design I guess they just want rover to stay like rover body looks good but inside is a big mess this is the fifth rover come to our garage within 2 months and guess what they all got lock problems I think this is scam and should be recalled they are robbing people they sell more lock than a car now its unreal

    • Zack Norman Says

      Thanks for the comment, keano kray!

      Sorry to hear about your problems. It’s indeed a shame for something as relatively simple as door locks to be breaking this much and have it occur this frequently. Hopefully, the folks over at Jag and Land Rover are taking notes and will make improvements in future cars. In the meantime, I hope you’ve had some luck with the repairs, too.

  • Sophia Says


    So My front passenger door has issues which means that it does not unlock using the fob or using the doors unlock button. The silver latch doesn’t move much when the buttons are pressed so have to manually open the latch of the unlocked doors which is pain… to add to my misery the rear passenger door has suddenly stopped unlocking too so now I have 2 doors with same unlocking issue tho they lock fine using the fob or button. Both these doors are on the same side and it seems like the Evoque has suffered a stroke effecting the left side doors only tho I am guessing the other doors will follow on with same problem. 🙁

    Thank you for your step by step advice Sadly I can’t do the repair myself so will need to get in touch with the professionals – added expense. I’m pretty deflated at mo… it was bad enough trying to secure the car from getting stolen but now the door doesn’t even unlock for me! Boohoo

    • Zack Norman Says

      Thanks for the comment, Sophia!

      Sorry to hear about your predicament. Yeah, it does seem like a general electrics or security systems failure with your Evoque that’s caused the entire left-hand side of the car to have issues with the door locks. For the time being, I can only hope it hasn’t yet and won’t spread to the right-hand side, as well. Repairs like these can be tricky, so it’s good to get in touch with professional technicians from time to time. I wish you good luck with getting it repaired.

  • SK Says


    So My front passenger door has issues which means that it does not unlock using the fob or using the doors unlock button. The silver latch doesn’t move much when the buttons are pressed so have to manually open the latch of the unlocked doors which is pain… to add to my misery the rear passenger door has suddenly stopped unlocking too so now I have 2 doors with same unlocking issue tho they lock fine using the fob or button. Both these doors are on the same side and it seems like the Evoque has suffered a stroke effecting the left side doors only tho I am guessing the other doors will follow on with same problem. 🙁

    Thank you for your step by step advice Sadly I can’t do the repair myself so will need to get in touch with the professionals – added expense. I’m pretty deflated at mo… it was bad enough trying to secure the car from getting stolen but now the door doesn’t even unlock for me! Boohoo

  • Keke Says

    Hi There
    Do you know anyone in Melbourne Australia that can do this. They want to charge $800 AUD for the job includin the part ($350AUD).
    Seems to be easy to do but I dont have the tools.

  • Glynis WARD Says

    having come across the page, I bought a passenger side lock via ebay and have successfully fitted it myself. Took me bout 2.5 hours being a slow novice but I enjoyed the challenge and saved a lot of money. Many thanks for providing such clear guidance.

    • Zack Norman Says

      Thanks for the comment, Glynis WARD!

      Great to hear that you’ve managed to get it fixed, and our guides have been of some help. Congrats!

  • Chris Jakubowski Says

    Same issue here, third time I’ve had to replace this driver side door lock now, buy cheap Chinese compatible locks if you want to go through door lock woe hell

  • Steve Says

    In the price list above it says £180 for non keyless entry and £225 for keyless entry. Why the difference – are they different parts or does it take longer (or a combination of both?). I have a 2012 5 door Dynamic with keyless entry and I need the front passenger door motor.

  • Jack_London Says

    Hi there, I’m having difficulty to identify my car’s door actuator/mechanism before opening it. I have been getting different answers from different places. Therefore I wonder if anyone could help me identifying the correct model. One model has two cables and the three cables. I just want to avoid the hassle of dismantling the door twice, since it’s quite time consuming. My car is an Evoque 2015, SD4 Pure Tech.

    • Hi Jack, did you get this sorted?

      If not, let me know.


      • Jack Says

        Hi Paul, unfortunately not. It’s UK driver’s side. I decided to take the risk and bought it what the eBay tool told me was the right for my car. As it was bitterly cold I decided to wait. For my sad surprise it turned out to be three cables. Now I am struggling to find the correct model elsewhere as LR charges a lot more. The one I bought was just about $28 while LR’s over $150. Why such a huge discrepancy in cost? So far no luck.

  • Jack_London Says

    Gosh, nearly 4 days passed and my comment is still awaiting moderation. Just leave it, thanks.

  • Abs Says

    Thanks for the details, I bought a cheap ebay one for £25 but connecting the cables to the actual door mechanism was very difficult took me almost 3 hours just for that! Just dreading it now after 6 months its failed again. Will have to do it all again but this time bought a dearer one.

    • Zack Norman Says

      Thanks for the comment, Abs!

      Ah, sorry to hear that’s happened. Yeah, it might be better to get a slightly more expensive unit. Hopefully, that’ll hold up a bit better, and offer a more intuitive installation process. Good luck!

  • Darren Says

    I have recently change my driver side,worked for 2 weeks now cra says door is open and also will now not lock,strange as it was working.
    o reset the device, simultaneously press the Power on and Volume up button for 10 – 12 seconds
    The device will power down and then automatically reboot
    Device will now power on, perform and charge as expected

    Does this need to be done also not sure what it means by power on,is this refering to push start or the sound system


  • Philip Cueto Says

    Thanks for the advice. I had one replaced with a genuine one by garage 2 years ago and the same one has gone again. Replaced it with one for £25 off ebay in less than a hour. Why pay for genuine parts that only last 2 years. At £25 you can change it a few times before you get to £200, the price a garage would charge for changing it.

  • SWebb Says

    Brilliant run through, well done Paul!

    A couple pictures of the cables connected to the actuator would be handy – I’m guessing the third one is the manual lock on the driver’s door.

    I too got a cheap actuator from Ebay, but found that once I was in the door it didn’t have the third pull, even though marked as the RHS (maybe a different country?).

    So, found once it’s detached I could easily remove the latch part (two torx screws) from the electrics box on the old one and swap it to the new one, hey presto! No resetting or programming needed.

    Fiddly, yes, but once got it twisted around in the door, I could see what I was doing better – the key to detaching the cables is pushing the tiny block either side of the clips out sideways with a small screwdriver 🙂

    Independent garage quoted £250 per door to replace them (non keyless), with patience and care not to break or drop anything, it’s quite possible to replace it with a £20 unit.

    It looks like the part LR011275 is righthand side but without the third cable, which is on LR011277

    What is it you’re resetting in step 7 ?

    Thanks again for saving me another small fortune, after the turbo actuator coincidently gave out at the same time. Not what I’d expect from a £30k second owner car!

    Evoque SD4 Dynamic, five yrs old and around 50k miles

    • Zack Norman Says

      Thanks for the comment, SWebb!

      Cheers, great to hear that you’ve had it working, and our guides have been of some help. Best of luck with getting that turbo actuator fixed, too.

  • tore vedvik Says

    I have a Evoque 2012 TD4 and my car is LHD and i need to change both door lock latch on front doors…
    Is there a difference if the car is LHD. ( Is there a master and a slave ?)

    Best regards


    • Good question, I don’t this should make a difference. Typically one side has the key override. But it shouldn’t matter which side really. Let us know how you get on.

  • Jack Says

    Hi SWebb, I am exactly in the same situation. I will give it shot, and hopefully I have the same luck! Thanks for shedding a light. Cheers.

  • Pedro Says

    Lost me and a few other folk at resetting by pressing power on and volume up.
    Care to elaborate please?

  • Kevin G Ledwith Says

    what does reset power button and volume up button resetafter changing locks

  • Steve Voller Says

    Brilliant instructions thank you! Local dealer quoted me £150 to diagnose the fault, £145 to fit and £200 labour!
    I bought the part from them and I will say that the bit you say is tricky of detaching the door handle cables is hard with my big hands! I broke the end of the external door cable and had to get another but actually I then reattached all the cables before manoeuvring the new latch back into place and that seemed easier!

    I’m no mechanic but with a little bit of time and thought, saved me £350! Thanks guys.

    • Zack Norman Says

      Thanks for the comment, Steve Voller!

      Cheers, glad to hear that you’ve had it fixed, and that our guides have been of some help. Those door cables can be rather fragile, but overall, congrats with having it fixed… And, having saved a massive fortune, too!

  • Alex Penny Says

    I recently changed both locking mechanisms on my 2013 evoque and all worked fine for 2 weeks.

    Today I got in the car and the cars saying “drivers door is open”

    Car will not lock now

    Could this be linked to the parts I fitted it or a separate issue?

    • Zack Norman Says

      Thanks for the comment, Alex Penny!

      This will be rather tricky to diagnose, as it could either be attributed to – 1) the parts may have been faulty or is just now showing signs or failure, 2) there may have been some error done during the replacement process, or 3) there could be compatibility issues between the door locks and the security system.

      I’d recommend going step by step in reverse to try and diagnose each one. The toughest bit if it’s incompatible or clashing with the security system. At that point, you’ll likely have to refer to a professional to get it fixed. I wish you luck with getting that resolved.

  • John Whittaker Says


    Great video and help.

    I have an Evoque 2012 and had a passenger door problem.
    Change the lock from the ebay supplier at £40 and all worked find for a while.
    The problem now is the door not always completely catching. Sometime you have to slam to completely close, main only catch’s on the first latch.

    If you manually trigger the door lock, it performs normally. I suspect the mechanism I bought has an intermittent fault, has any experienced the same?


    • Zack Norman Says

      Thanks for the comment, John Whittaker!

      I can’t say that’s happened on our car yet, but I think you’re right in that there’s a fault with the door latch/locking mechanism. It may be due to a bad component, or there may have been an error during the installation process. I’d recommend going through the steps in reverse and checking to make sure that it’s been installed properly. If that doesn’t fix it, it may be down to a faulty mechanism, but do diagnose it thoroughly. Best of luck!

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