Replace Range Rover Evoque Door Locks 2

How to Replace Range Rover Evoque Door Locks Mechanisms

Replace Range Rover Evoque Door Locks

If you are a Land Rover Range Rover Evoque owner, then it is a matter of time before you may need to consider replacing your doors’ lock mechanisms.

range rover evoque door lock problems

Range Rover Evoque Door Lock Problems

Unfortunately, over time the locking mechanisms begin to wear out and may no longer be capable of either locking or unlocking the doors of the vehicle. This can sometimes manifest as an intermittent fault which then grows over time to a complete failure. 

Part List

We have looked around online to find who stocks these locks. There will change from time to time, but please see the below. Double check the part numbers etc for your exact car, model and trim.

Front Passenger Lock – Amazon

Front Driver Lock – Amazon

Rear Passenger – Amazon

Rear Driver Lock – Amazon

Pack of all 4 locks – Amazon

Solution –Replace Range Rover Evoque Door Locks

To resolve the problem, you should replace the locking mechanisms of the affected doors. You can either get a Land Rover specialist to do this for you, or you can do it yourself. I personally managed to carry out this task myself as an amateur mechanic, and it took me an average of one hour per lock, without rushing.

Here is the overview of the replacing process:

  1. Remove the door card
  2. Disconnect cabling
  3. Remove the Inner door card
  4. Remove screws from Lock
  5. Disconnect cabling and lock
  6. Refit
  7. Test

Get A Professional To Do The Job

If you don’t have time or the ability to do the work yourself. Call JMB Services on 0121 296 7820  – They can carry out the work using the original parts.

Location: Unit 8 Century Industrial Estate, Shady Lane, Great Barr, Birmingham, B44 9ER

Without Keyless Entry – Parts and Labour (Estimated cost)

  • 1 x Lock – £180
  • 4 x Locks – £650

With Keyless Entry – Parts and Labour (Estimated cost)

  • 1 x Lock –  £225
  • 4 x Locks – £820

The Process

1) Remove The Door Card

The door card needs to be removed to allow access to the lock. Open the door. There are 4 screws to be removed (see Figure 1). Please note beforehand that all the screws are covered with plastic inserts that will need to be removed by either using a small thin screwdriver or a blade.

  1. Inside the door Release Handle (Yellow)
  2. Underneath the door Pull Handle (Red)
  3. On the edge of the door (Blue)
Replace Range Rover Evoque Door Locks

Figure 1

Once the screws have been removed, the door card then needs to be pried away from the door. There is a risk of damaging the paintwork here, so I would recommend using a selection of plastic lever bars.

How to Replace Range Rover Evoque Door Locks 3

Place a lever bar between the door card and the metal part of the door, then use two levers to force the door card’s clips out of the door’s holes. Work your way around the edge of the door, while being careful not to damage the clips. Please note that the card will be removed outwards from the door itself and does not need to be pulled up.

2) Disconnect The Cables

Once the door card has been removed, you will need to support it whilst you remove all the cables (see Figure 2). This can be done with one hand if needed, and you need to be careful not to break any of the connectors.

How to Replace Range Rover Evoque Door Locks 5

Figure 2

3) Remove The Inner Door Card

Before removing the inner section of the door card, there are two cables that need to be disconnected which are highlighted in yellow below (see Figure 3).

Next, you will need to remove the 12 screws around the edge of the inner card (Red).

Once removed, you will notice the card is held in place with a sticky seal. Once again, you will need to use a plastic lever tool to separate the two parts.

As it comes off, you will need to run the door handle cable through the trim and turn the inner door card downwards.

How to Replace Range Rover Evoque Door Locks 6

Figure 3

Once this is done, you can leave the card hanging. Be careful not to damage the exposed speaker.

How to Replace Range Rover Evoque Door Locks 7

4) Remove The Screws From The Lock

Before removing the screws, reach inside the door and disconnect the power connector from the lock.

Next, look at the end of the door. Where the locking mechanism sits, there will be 3 screws. Remove all 3 of these allowing the lock to hang only by the internal cables.

Replace Range Rover Evoque Door Locks 1

5) Disconnect the Cables and Remove the Lock

Depending on which door you are working on, there will be two or three cables to disconnect:

  1. The internal door handle cable
  2. The external door handle cable
  3. The manual key operation cable (My testing was on the passenger door)

Removing the cables is very complicated work and difficult to explain. I would recommend using a torch inside the door to carefully examine how the cables are fitted, so you can safely remove them and refit the cables to the new lock. The cables need to be properly aligned to be disconnected and reconnected so please don’t hesitate to take your time.

Range Rover Locks 0015

Figure 5

6) Refit the New Locking Mechanism

Next up, simply repeat the procedure in reverse. I would advise reconnecting the door open cables first, before attaching the lock to the door again, as it is much easier to handle.

7) Testing the New Lock

Once everything has been reassembled, before shutting the door, make sure you check that the lock has been unlocked, otherwise you may risk damaging the lock or the door.

Check that it locks, deadlocks and unlocks without any issues.

Finally check all the switchgear that was disconnected (electric windows, mirrors, lighting and speakers etc).

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  • Ricardo Says


    I’ve a RR Evoque from 2014 and now it started to give this problem, when I lock the doors from the remote, it lock the driver’s door but then wont unlock it anymore, need to be done manually.
    Seen this post and purchased the door lock from Ebay at a very cheap price ( compared to the dealer), let’s see how it goes… 😀

    Thank you for the article, you saved my life!

  • Matt Says

    Great tutorial. Used it to replace a front passenger door lock on a 2014 Evoque. Brilliant, thanks!

  • Mark Williams Says

    Thank you so much for this tutorial, Local Garage wanted £230 to do the job but thanks to you, i got replacement lock on ebay for £49 and done the job in an hour!
    only thing i would advise is when taking inner panel out and turning upside down is watch out for the silver square spacers with holes in them that secure the outer door card do not come out and loose them.
    Fantastic write up,
    All the best,

    • Hi Mark,

      Great job. Glad we could help you save a few quid. It all helps.

      People will see your comment here about the silver square spacers and know to watch out now too.


    • philip smith Says

      Hi Mark,

      Have been told that you need to reset the system (whatever that means) after changing these, is that correct, or was it just a case of plugging them in and away to go?
      2015 Evoque drivers door will not lock.

      Many thanks in advance.

  • Peter Walker Says

    Many thanks for a great posting just what i need, I have question and that is based on correct part number required. Any idea where to look for this, It is the drivers side of a 2014 Dynamic 2.2 diesel automatic

    • Hi Peter, I don’t have the information. But if it helps I have added some links to the locks you can buy online. The part numbers may change slightly as I have seen various ones looking online.

  • Mark Says

    I’ve just done my offside rear today, both offside door locks needed doing, but still waiting for the other to be delivered. Unfortunately i think I’ve used the part meant for the drivers door on the passenger door. I just want to let people know that i don’t think it matters too much, it looks like the only difference is the lack of child lock.

  • philip smith Says

    2015 Evoque drivers side door will not lock, so assuming I need to change this lock mechanism, one question a local garage (not land rover) stated that the system would need to be reset after doing this and they did not have the correct gear to do this, is this correct or is it just a case as above of changing it and hey presto all is good ? thanks in advance for your help !

  • keano kray Says

    This lock problem is b..l s..t how can new car door lock fail this quick ohh my bad its rover taking over by giant jag bmw and that so why they make these parts so weak considering big companies behind this design I guess they just want rover to stay like rover body looks good but inside is a big mess this is the fifth rover come to our garage within 2 months and guess what they all got lock problems I think this is scam and should be recalled they are robbing people they sell more lock than a car now its unreal

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