Replacement Cars Mats – VW Golf GTI

Continuing with our 10-year old Golf GTI MK6, about which you can read here, we wanted to spruce the interior up so that it looked less worn out and didn’t show its age so easily. One of the convenient ways to do so was by changing the car mats. Even though the car had been maintained well, ten years worth of grime and dirt had gathered on the mats which meant that they looked quite unappealing. Car mats cannot be replaced willy-nilly though and we needed a reliable maker of car mats. That is when we came across Vehicle Mats UK. Here is our experience with their car mats.

Why We Use Vehicle Mats UK?

High-quality: Replacement parts for cars can often let you down. We could have easily ended up with a car mat that would have been in worse shape in a few weeks as compared to the 10-year old original mats that was already in there. The other reason we needed a reliable vendor was because of the requirement for the car mats to fit perfectly. Slightly smaller and it would move around and slightly larger would create an uneven surface along with the risk of the pedals getting stuck. Vehicle Mats UK uses the latest technology to ensure that every mat they make is perfect when it comes to the fit and the ones we bought fit snugly on the floor of the Golf.

Highly customisable: While the quality is top-notch, Vehicle Mats UK allows you to customise everything from the material and feel of the car mat to the trim and weave colour. You can create some stunning car mats and your imagination is the only limit to what can be achieved. We went for a simple and uniform looking floor-mat but even that classed up the car quite nicely. You can turn the look of the interior of the car quite drastically. One aspect of Vehicle Mats UK that really helps in this regards is their website. It is easy to use and choosing your car model, customising the car mat just the way you want it, and placing the order can all be done quite easily and quickly. It can take up to 7 working days for the mats to be delivered which is still a quick turnaround time for such high-quality items.

Wide range: The number of makes and models of cars in the UK is huge. It is not like cars all come in a universal shape and size. Sometimes, even the same model will require different car mats for different variants. Thankfully, Vehicle Mats UK offers car mats for pretty much every make and model. Even if you are unable to find your car on their list, you can get in touch with the details of your car and they will help you out by placing a special order for you in no time. Vehicle Mats UK also offers mats for car boots and other vehicles such as trucks, tractors and vans.

Our Experience:

We are already very happy with the car mats from Vehicle Mats UK for our Golf GTi MK6. The interior seems a lot younger and all we had to do was swap out the car mats. It feels really nice and the car as a whole feels a lot fresher. If your car’s mats need replacing then Vehicle Mats UK is highly recommended.

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