Rimgard – Real Innovation In Wheel Security

When reading a description of a potential product you’re interested in, you often hear superlatives being thrown around like there’s no tomorrow. Things like “Most durable”, or “Most reliable”, or even “The safest”, are often used to describe products, but very few of them actually tell you why they can do what it says on the box. Rimgard, however, takes great pride in having created the most secure wheel lock on the planet, but instead of just telling you that, they told us they’re going to prove it.

No Direct Access To The Bolts

First off, they redesigned how a wheel lock should look like from the ground up. If you stop and think about it, traditional wheel locking nuts all follow the same concept. Sure, they have different patterns, but with a few tricks, some specialized tools and master keys, thieves can bust them open within minutes. Their new wheel lock is different, because it distinguishes itself from all other products in one simple way: there’s no direct access to the bolts. How ingenious is that!

Top Security

The way it works is simple yet incredible. Rimgard is mounted onto the wheel, so there’s direct metal on metal contact, and the device expands inside the center of the rim when you turn the key. To remove it, simply reinsert the key, turn it, and away you go. There’s no way of removing the bolts to remove the key without completely damaging or cracking the wheel, since the device becomes part of the wheel.

Tested by Thatcham Research

Because it’s built from resistant aluminium alloy 6082, you’ll either crack the rim or the tool you’re attempting to break the Rimgard before you actually break the Rimgard itself. It’s been performance tested by Thatcham research, quality tested by TUV, and certified by RISE. They’ve gone to extreme lengths to ensure that the wheel lock not only repels thieves, but actually stops them dead in their tracks even if they decide to attempt anything.

Stylish Design

Since a lot of you are worried about styling, and as we all know, wheels can make or break a car, they designed Rimgard with that in mind. The device fits snugly inside the center of the rim, making it virtually invisible. You can get special versions of the Rimgard for all the common manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. Adorned with the logo of the respective manufacturer, no one will even be able to tell the wheels are anything other than stock. Well… except for thieves that is, who’ll quickly learn to steer clear of vehicles fitted with Rimgard.

Keep Your Keys On Hand

The only thing you have to do is make sure your keys are safe and sound because you will need them should you need to remove the wheels. Other than that, you don’t have anything else to worry about really. No more checking on your car late at night for fear of finding it resting on bricks in the morning, or worrying about parking it somewhere you can see it. Rimgard gives you complete peace of mind, and we think it’s worth every penny.

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