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Ring Automotive Xenon150 H7 Performance Bulbs Review

Ring Xenon150 H7 Performance Halogen Bulbs

As a deviation from the norm, we’ve got a set of bulbs to review. I know, it might not be the most exciting thing, but bulbs may be the single most important safety equipment keeping you on the road at night.

This is a bit more interesting though, as we’re talking about upgraded halogen bulbs. Typically, especially in older cars, manufacturers run halogen bulbs. Those are cheap and simple, and they get the job done.

But you may want more light, hence the production of performance halogen bulbs. Cue the Ring Xenon150 H7.

Made by Ring Automotive, a local UK manufacturer, these are a set of high performance xenon bulbs. They call it the Xenon150 H7, perhaps denoting the bulb’s claim of 150% increased luminance over typical bulbs. More importantly, these are E-marked, which means they’re tested by a photometric lab and approved legally for road usage.

While the name may confuse you, these are not xenon HIDs. The xenon in the name simply states the halogen gas used in the bulb.

The test

Unboxing those were straightforward, and the bulbs come in pairs. Installing them is less simple, but it’s usually just an ‘unplug and plug’ endeavour. Then, it’s time to test these bulbs on the road.

Immediately, there’s a difference. If you’ve been running standard halogen bulbs your whole life, the disparity will be eminent. These definitely emanate a much brighter light. I could see further, and even better in close distances.

Of course, I don’t have a light meter to measure luminous intensity of these bulbs, so I’ll have to trust what Ring Automotive says on this one. According to their chart, the additional 150% brightness comes at about 75 meters, aiding in visual clarity at night.

Perhaps what’s more intriguing though, is the fact that these bulbs run at a colour temperature of 3700K. Meaning that they run closer to neutral, emitting a cooler, whiter ray. In a way, it helps to compliment today’s commonplace daytime running lights.

Additionally, these beams go out further, up to 80 meters further than standard bulbs are able to achieve. It helps in the sense that other drivers can see you from a further distance, and that you can spot hazards sooner.


So, should you go for a set of these? I’d say yes. Ring says they don’t compromise on bulb life as well, so you won’t be buying them any more often.

xenon150 h7

To truly be convinced though, you’d have to give these a try. The difference is certainly noticeable, and many people will appreciate the increased luminosity.


  • marcel Says

    just fitted this bulbs on low beam today, paid 25£ on bullseye. as far i can see in the daytime, they are definitely brighter than my cheap old ones. have to wait for the night to come now.

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