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Road Rage: How To Deal With Aggressive Driving

It’s funny how much some people change when they get behind the wheel of a car. That lovely gentleman who lives next door to you may be the epitome of good manners when he greets you “good morning” when you’re both leaving for work, but get in his way on the open road, and you may be surprised at the profanities that leave his usually well-mannered vocabulary box. Driving can make monsters out of any of us, and in common parlance, this is usually known as ‘road rage.’ In this article, we will give you a few handy tips to combat the problem.

Drive safely

The best way to combat road rage is to not aggravate other road users. Turning into a junction without indicating, or tailgating somebody on the highway, are just two of the bad habits that are going to annoy other drivers, as are the less common ones listed here, By following the highway code, with due consideration for other drivers on the road, there is less chance road rage will occur. If another person reacts angrily to you, with little or no reason, don’t retaliate. Pull over if you need to do so and let the angry driver pass you by, or continue to drive sensibly while ignoring the fool who is trying to get your attention with his intolerable behavior.

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Stay calm

Your driving skills may be exemplary, so you’re not the problem. However, if somebody else offends you, for whatever reason, it’s important to stay calm. Showing your annoyance with a rude hand gesture or a beep of your horn is counter-productive. Your showing signs of road rage yourself and you may start a road war if you take up arms with the other driver. Be sensible, take a deep breath, and carry on calmly. The other driver may have been an idiot, but you don’t have to make things worse with your angry reactions.

Buy a dash cam

We have already advocated this in one of our previous articles, The advantages are many, and when it comes to road rage, you have a fighting chance against the offending driver. For starters, you can film their bad behavior, whether that’s erratic or vengeful driving, and you can take that to the police. Knowing you have a dashcam on your side will also control your behavior. You don’t need to get angry yourself when you have the peace of mind that this technology will offer you when you’re out on the road.

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Take legal action

In the worst case scenario, and the road rage results in an accident, you should take action against the offending driver. Having evidence will help your cause, such as the dashcam we mentioned or reports from other eyewitnesses. Speak to a specializing attorney, such as and take action to make sure the driver involved finally learns their lesson. They may get banned from driving, and you will have done your bit to make sure nobody else has to suffer from their bad driving attitude.

Final word

Your pride isn’t the only thing that will get injured when road rage occurs. Your safety is also under threat, as is that of other road users. So, whether you are the victim of such rage, or you are the one at risk of anger, keep your eyes on the road and get your head into gear. Your life may depend on it.

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