Rolls Royce Phantom 14

The Rolls Royce Phantom VIII has arrived

The Best Car in the World?

92 years after the original Rolls-Royce Phantom was introduced by Sir Henry Royce, Rolls have unveiled the new king of luxury – the Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII. Rolls-Royce boast that the Phantom has always maintained its reputation as ‘The Best Car in the World’ and plan on preserving that title with the Phantom’s latest incarnation. The new Phantom also sees the introduction of the new Architecture of Luxury, to be rolled out for their future cars. The new 4X4 Cullinan – along with new versions of the Wraith, Ghost, and Dawn – will use this platform as their underpinnings.

What is ‘Architecture of Luxury’?

“The Architecture of Luxury is an all-aluminium spaceframe architecture designed by Rolls-Royce engineers that will underpin every future Rolls-Royce beginning with the New Phantom. As such, no future Rolls-Royce will be of monocoque construction as used by mass-manufacturers and some mass-luxury brands.”

A Lighter Frame Than Ever – and with Psychic Suspension

Rolls-Royce are clearly taking pot-shots at Bentley, their closest rivals, whose cars are generally based off Audis and Volkswagens. The Phantom’s aluminium space frame structure is not only lighter than the previous generation’s but also much stiffer; Rolls-Royce say that the new space frame is teamed with state of the art air suspension and chassis control systems to maintain optimal comfort and smoothness.

The new Phantom also comes with a revolutionary ‘Flagbearer’ system. Named after the men who were required by law to carry a red flag ahead of early motor cars, the system uses a camera setup in the windscreen which scans the road up to 62MPH and adjusts the suspension proactively rather than reactively. Basically, the new Rolls-Royce Phantom knows you’re going to hit a pothole before you do.

Rolls-Royce Want the Quietest Car in the World

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is famed for its V12 engine, and the newest generation is no different – except it’s aspiring to be the quietest car in the world. The all-new V12 for the Architecture of Luxury program is focused on providing more low-end output at lower revs. This means the new twin turbo V12 engine produces 900Nm of torque at a tiny 1,700RPM, along with 563BHP, which Rolls say results in “calm low speed progress associated with state occasions and an unfussed surge of power when one needs to press on.”

The Greatest Place to Be

The interior of the new Phantom is where it really matters though. Dubbed ‘The Embrace’, it’s based on the interior for the 103EX concept car. “Nothing detracts from calmness and tranquillity in this particular sanctuary. Technology is hidden until required, spaces and surfaces are clean, and the eye rests only on beauty as if in an art gallery.” The new Phantom features the largest of the Rolls’ patented ‘Starlight Headliner’, which Rolls believe will inspire reflection and imagination. Throughout the interior Rolls-Royce have strived to create a feeling of lightness and simplicity, combined with effortless elegance. The doors, centre consoles, dashboard, and picnic tables can be separately commissioned to be embellished with high-gloss wood. The highest class of leather can adorn the seats. Rolls-Royce encourage buyers to spec out their Phantom exactly how they want it. If you so desire, Rolls will probably even coat your interior in tartan. “Phantom patrons will be able to commission different seating choices best suited to their requirements. Choices include the more intimate lounge seat, individual seats with occasional armrest, individual seats with fixed centre console and the newly introduced sleeping seat.”

The Only True Luxury Super Saloon

The new Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII price has yet to be revealed, but experts expect a number upwards of £400,000. It’s safe to say, however, that if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it. The Phantom is an inspirational car, a quality of car only known to Rolls-Royce engineers and which other companies can only strive for. The Rolls-Royce Phantom is, arguably, the best car in the world.



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