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SACHS – Comfort And Safety On Any Road

SACHS shock absorbers are considered among the best on the market due to their outstanding technology and quality, which will be appreciated by professionals and car enthusiasts alike. Understanding how to choose the right shock absorbers and how they work will help you significantly improve the handling and comfort of your vehicle.

Why SACHS shock absorbers?

1. Innovative Technology:

SACHS shock absorbers are manufactured using advanced technologies that provide optimal damping and improve the performance of your vehicle. They are adapted to work in a variety of road conditions, keeping your vehicle stable on the road and reducing wear and tear on other components.

2. Length of Service:

Thanks to quality materials and a smart manufacturing process, SACHS shock absorbers are renowned for their durability. They are able to withstand extreme loads and maintain efficiency throughout their lifespan, making them a worthwhile investment.

3. Improved Comfort and Drivability:

Using SACHS shock absorbers significantly improves the handling of your vehicle, making driving smoother and less tiring. This is especially noticeable in difficult road conditions, where the quality of the shock absorbers can have a significant impact on the safety and comfort of the driver and passengers.

SACHS Shock Absorbers

Metric Value/Source
Car Owner Reviews,
Comparative Tests Unavailable
Warranty 2 years
Average Lifespan 5-7 years
Prices Mid-range
Availability Widely available
Advantages High quality, reliability, smooth ride, stability
Disadvantages Some models are unavailable

How do SACHS shock absorbers work?

Shock absorbers are part of a vehicle’s suspension system and play a key role in absorbing shocks and vibrations from road irregularities. The way SACHS shock absorbers work is to convert the kinetic energy of impacts into thermal energy, which is then dissipated through special fluids inside the shock absorber.

When is it Time to Replace Shock Absorbers?

Shock absorbers should be replaced when the following signs appear:

  1. If the car has poor roadholding or floats at high speeds, it may be a sign of worn shock absorbers.
  2. Worn shock absorbers can increase stopping distances, which is dangerous when driving at high speeds.
  3. Any signs of fluid leaks or mechanical damage to shock absorbers are a clear signal to replace them.

Image of a sachs shock absorbers mount provided by

How to Replace Shock Absorbers Correctly?

Replacing shock absorbers is a process that can be done in a service environment, but with certain skills and tools it can be done on your own:

1. Preparation: 

Raise the vehicle on a jack and place it on secure supports.

2. Dismantling: 

Remove the wheel and dismantle the old shock absorber by disconnecting it from the mounts on the body and suspension.

3. Installation: 

Install the new shock absorber, carefully tighten all fasteners and make sure it is secure.

4. Inspection: 

After installation, lower the vehicle and test drive to verify correct installation and improved handling.

Choosing SACHS shock absorbers is a choice in favor of quality, durability and safety. Following the recommendations for replacement and maintenance, you will not only ensure a comfortable and smooth ride, but also significantly improve the overall performance of your vehicle. Remember that timely replacement of shock absorbers prevents many potential problems, so do not delay a service visit at the first signs of wear.

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