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Safety Car: New Tech That Keeps You Safe

When you get round to buying a new car, if safety is something that you don’t really consider in too much detail, it is definitely something that you will want to address. Long gone are the days when just having seatbelts and airbags was enough – manufacturers are now utilising technology in a big way and installing a whole raft of new features designed to keep you safe while you are behind the wheel. Of course, this is a field which is continually developing at a rapid rate, but let’s take a closer look at just some of the features that have become popular in recent times.

Lane Keeping Assist

For drivers that struggle with lane discipline, this is the ideal way of making sure that you stay in between the lines. Whenever your vehicle registers that you are starting to veer over into another lane, it will give you an audible warning sign. This is especially useful on those lone night time drives when you start to feel yourself drifting off to sleep so you get a very clear wakeup call!

Adaptive Cruise Control

It wasn’t all that long ago when cruise control was an exciting feature all by itself, but adaptive cruise control really does take things up to the next level. As well as being able to set the speed that you want to maintain, you can also set the distance from the car in front of you. This is yet another big step as we move towards a world of driverless cars.

Adaptive Headlights

If you are the kind of person who regularly drives at night then this is the feature for you. Once again, your car takes another thing out of your hands as it will automatically adjust your forward illumination depending on the road conditions. So, you don’t have to continually manually switch your headlights and you are left free to concentrate on the actual driving.

Collision Warning System

Collision warning systems are becoming more and more advanced so you can be made well aware of anything that gets too close to your vehicle and you will be in a better place to respond to it. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you are completely protected, so it is still important to know how to file a car accident claim. But as technology continues to advance, car accident statistics should continue to decrease and decrease.

Active Park Assist

A feature that has been heavily advertised, active park assist uses the cameras located around your vehicle to make sure you don’t bump into any of the surrounding cars. It will then take control of the steering and back you into a space nice and smoothly. This certainly helps to avoid any awkward situations when you are holding up traffic as you try in vain to angle your car into a particularly tight space!

Electronic Stability Control

If you are prone to taking a corner a little too quickly from time to time or you are driving in difficult conditions, electronic stability control can be an extremely useful feature. During a turn, this will slow down the individual wheels to keep your car on course. Though you may not even notice that it is happening, this can help your car stay on course and keep you from skidding.

360 Degree Camera

Cameras have been a major part of new cars for quite some time now, but with 360-degree cameras, you can be safe in the knowledge that every angle is taken care of. So, when you are backing up your car or parking, you won’t find yourself having to strain your neck as you try to take in every available viewpoint. And those pesky blind spots become much less of a problem.

Drowsiness Alert

We have already talked about this briefly, but there is no doubt that tiredness is one of the major problems when you are behind the wheel of a car. A drowsiness alert can really give you a helping hand in this regard as it will use automobile or driver data to tell you when it is time to take a break.

Car technology is moving at such a rapid rate now that it is sometimes difficult to predict what will come next. But there is no doubt that safety is at the forefront of every car manufacturer’s mind which is an extremely positive thing for all road users and car enthusiasts. Remember to always check your potential new car’s safety record before purchase.

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