Secure Your Car With These Anti-theft Devices

After so much of scuffle, you purchased your dream car finally!! But that’s not all. You will have to face even tougher challenge to protect it from theft. That’s true. It is astonishing to know that car thefts are growing at an alarming rate even in developed countries like the USA and UK. 

On the contrary to the popular belief that car thefts happen more in under developed countries, advanced nations like Australia and Canada also showed huge rise in four-wheeler robbery in the past 5 years. Most of the times it is the owner’s forgetfulness or negligence that causes the damage. If you leave your valuables in the seat in a transparent glass view or forget to lock your doors while driving then you are sure to be at loss. 

Uniform Crime reporting and other important studies have proven this fact and are warning users to be careful while driving.

But worry not! There are also many remedies for this problem. The modern devices that protect you from carjacking are many in number. Some of them are proven to be very efficient and are many drivers’ hot favourites. Some of the most popular anti-theft devices are:

Steering lock:

A steering lock works just like a house lock. It prevents people from driving away your car by locking the steering. This lock comes in two styles, one which can be locked across the steering wheel in horizontal position. It can be extended to a distance on one of its sides not to allow it rotating far. 

Another model is one which can be fitted on the top of the wheel as the end extends over the dash board at the front thereby stopping the wheel from turning. Whatever may be the model, it is difficult for thieves to move the vehicle when there is a lock. The best part is they are very easy to install also.  Steering less car cannot be driven and hence the best anti-theft device. 

Car alarms: 

Imagine how we wake up from a deep sleep with a small beep of the alarm. Car alarms are similar fashioned devices which give out alarm beep sound the moment someone tries to enter in to your car. If the glass or window of your car is attempted to be broken or opened without the right key, you will get an alarm beep. This way you can be attentive and reach out to your car in case you suspect any theft. 

But beware, not all alarms are genuine. Some are so sensitive that they start making noise just with a touch. This might create unnecessary disturbance. While most of the modern cars come with built-in alarms, few models may not possess them.  You can install separate alarms. If you are looking for good car alarms, check out this list from green4u.

Alarms will be of best use when your car is parked near to you as you can be instantly alerted as soon as it gives a beep sound. Some alarms are so exposed that they display stickers on them to threaten thieves from snatching away the vehicle. 

Tyre lock:

This device is as useful to you as it is to the police while carrying your car for a wrong parking. It can be used to lock the tyres of your car and is particularly useful if you are parking car for long hours. It is better to have more space in the trunk to make the best use of this device. 

Kill switch:

A Kill switch typically prevents your car from moving as it stops flow of electricity to the main parts of the car like fuel pump. Hence it becomes difficult for the car to move without flicking it. A thief will give several failed attempts to drive away the car and gets tired out finally before deciding to move on to next vehicle. 

If the device is kept unnoticed, it will be very hard to even imagine the reason for the immobility of the car. For advanced protection, you can install multiple switches and direct their operation virtually. But this requires little bit of technical knowledge so make sure you install it only when you gain decent electronic exposure. Check this article out if you are interested in installing a kill switch in your car.

Hood locks:

This is yet another way of providing security to your car. You can lock the hood of your car with the help of this device and protect the car parts from being stolen. Some muscle cars contain hood pins which also look like hood locks. You may initially get confused with the look but they are different. 

These locks, as they are attached to each side of the hood, make it difficult for the thieves to steal car parts as opening the lock becomes tough. Just like the car, hood locks also need key to open and give good security to the car.

Electronic tracking system:

Electronic Tracking Systems are the most advanced tracking devices used to trace your car in case of theft. These are not preventive devices which provide security against theft but have been proven as great vehicle retrieving agents. They are proven to have shown 90% recovery rate in most of the countries. 

TK905 Tracker Unboxed

Electronic immobilisers:

These devices lock the fuel system and sees that the car doesn’t start without a key. It works with the help of radio frequency waves that are sent to the key fobs. These fobs consist of RFID chip which help the car in getting locked automatically the moment they receive a signal from key fobs. To start the car again, the chip has to receive signals from RIFD. Each chip is special and gives decent protection to your car. 

Baby monitor:

These devices are typically the audio and visual format which provide you the video of people entering in to the car. This way you can have a live video of the happenings in the car. They also have night mode which enable you with vision in the dark.  You can charge the monitor and use it for hours without having to carry it out. There is also provision for video footage in case the thieves still attempt to attack the car. If you keep the audio mode on, you can also hear the sound of window breakage or door unlocks. 

Most of the above devices provide good security to the car. In case, the thieves still dare to steal away the car, seek help from police. The fact that they attacked the car inspite of the security measures itself speaks of the wild preparation that they have made to attack the condemners. Don’t get in to conflicts and take professional help. With the modern technology, you can easily restore your car within few days of theft. 

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