Land Rover Defender Works V8 23

Corvette Powered Land Rover Defender by Urban Trucks

The Land Rover Defender is coming to the end of its 68 years in production. Over the years lots of companies have modified the Defender and created some very impressive cars.

Urban Trucks Ultimate RS

Today I saw Urban Trucks’ take of the Land Rover Defender for the first time. Somehow they have crowbarred in a Corvette engine. The legendary engine is a General Motors 6.2-litre V8 engine that creates 500bhp. This surely takes the Defender to places it has never been before.

Upgrades inside and out

Urban Trucks call the model the Ultimate RS and it is available to buy straight from the their website. The Defender is heavily modified both inside and out. The bodywork has been changed with carbon fibre vents, and bespoke bumpers featuring daytime running lights. On the inside there are heated Recaros, leather trim all around and an Alcantara roof lining. The Land Rover suspension has been swapped out for lower springs (25mm lower to be exact) and Bilstein dampers, and it has 18-inch alloy wheels. To top it off the brakes have been updated with six-pot Tar Ox callipers at the front.

If you are interested in this hardcore looking Defender you will have to part with around £80,000, would you buy it?

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