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Sergio Perez Shares His Funny Memories On The Inside Line

After bringing to you Nico Hulkenberg last week, the Inside Line F1 Podcast brings to you Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez this week. In their latest episode, Checo reveals his favourite radio message, his funniest Formula 1 driver and a re-lives a prank he played on his former team, Sauber.

The sport’s worst-kept secret seems to be Valtteri Bottas replacing Nico Rosberg in Mercedes in 2017. But for that to happen, Felipe Massa needs to opt out of retirement and agree to re-join Williams. If that happens, Massa will go from the sport’s ‘shortest World Champion’ (in terms of time), to the sport’s ‘shortest ever retirement’. And to think of it, it was Jenson Button who was keen on a sabbatical and not Massa! And if Fernando Alonso is Formula 1’s unluckiest double World Champion, Massa certainly seems to be the luckiest non-retiring driver. Each time we thought Massa would retire, he’s not!

A Reserve Driver Without A Reserved Seat

A reserve driver doesn’t mean that a seat is necessarily reserved for you, is what Pascal Wehrlein has learned in the last few weeks. The Mercedes prodigy and young driver has been snubbed by Force India and Mercedes and seem likely to be racing a Sauber next season. On the other hand, Stoffel Vandoorne might not be doing himself many favours by selecting the number ‘2’ as his driver number in Formula 1. Mclaren claim that they won’t have a title sponsor in 2017. We make our own list of things that could be missing at Mclaren next season.

Formula E Is The Future Of Formula 1? – Sergio Perez

Lastly, if the future of the road relevant Formula 1 engines could be electric, why are we not following Formula E already? Is ‘road relevance’ the reason why Formula 1 is struggling to deliver good ‘overtaking’ moves time and again? Is this also the reason behind banning the lane-changing ‘Max Verstappen’ move? Thank God, the FIA hasn’t banned the shoey yet!

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Images: Force India

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