Should You Get the Minimum Level of Car Insurance In Your State Or Opt For More Comprehensive Coverage?

As you buy a car, chances are you are looking at the different levels of car insurance and already feeling the hit to your wallet. This begs the question of whether you should be cheap and get the minimum level of car insurance, or should you get the coverage you might not need right away… but will be really happy to have it when you do need it!

Well, the car insurance you need will be dependent on the state you live in, the vehicle you drive, and of course how much you can afford. But before we delve into that, let’s focus on what level of car insurance you should be aiming for.

Look For Liability Insurance

For the most part, liability insurance is going to be something that you need. It is the insurance that protects you and your car from damage that you might do to someone and their property. However, getting the minimum level that your state requires can be a bad decision because some states have low minimums. This means that you are going to have to pay the bill when (not if) the bill goes higher than what you can cover.

The best thing to do with liability insurance is to get the highest level that you can afford because you will be held liable for those expenses.

And every single cent that you pay now to get the best liability insurance is a cent you won’t need to pay later when (again, not if) you get into an accident.Having the highest possible level of liability insurance that you can is going to be a lifesaver.


What About Comprehensive Coverage?

Comprehensive insurance coverage is going to cover everything else that can happen to your car, and while comprehensive and collision coverage aren’t required by law, you might still need them if you have a loan on your vehicle or if you won’t be able to afford an expensive car repair if your vehicle is damaged, then you might need to opt for more comprehensive coverage.

Since insurance is like a shield that can keep your wallet safe in the event of a car crash or other problem, once you have liability insurance fully covered up to your ability, you might as well spend any remaining money on your comprehensive coverage.

How To Find Cheap Car Insurance In Your State, e.g. Ohio

Still, car insurance isn’t cheap, but you can pay a lot less for your car insurance if you know where to look and know the rules of your state. For example, if you live in and are shopping around for car insurance in Ohio, then you can follow these tips.

First of all, Ohio offers one of the lowest car insurance rates in the nation, but you should still compare various insurance companies to make sure you are getting the best deal. Don’t just go for the first option you see, and also look to see if they offer any bundles or features you might be willing to pay a higher price for.

Doing your research and considering all your options as well as what you can’t go without in the field of car insurance is going to help you make a decision that will shield both your car and your wallet.

Then you can get back on the road, and if the unfortunate happens and you find yourself in a car accident, then you know that you have the insurance to handle it!

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