Six Ways to Make Safe Driving Exciting

Driving is fun for the first time, and probably each time you do it just for the feeling. However, the excitement fades when it becomes a necessity instead of a leisure activity. When you have to drive to work, to pick and drop kids from school, or go shopping.

Do you feel like you are already in this category of bored drivers? Lighten up because you are not alone. Even better, here are six tips to bring back the excitement in driving without flaunting traffic laws or risking your life.

Update Your Stereo

Music is among the leading mood setters in driving. If you have an old system, upgrade it to one that incorporates Bluetooth or has a compatible USB connection to your phone. Nonetheless, avoid high booming music volumes. Even though it is flashy, it numbs your sensibilities increasing the risk of reckless driving.

The second part is to update your playlist often. If you can tell the next two or more songs on your current playlist, then it is time you changed things. Songs that you can sing along, or that bring back memories are ideal.

Interior Car Detailing

Excitement and comfort go hand in hand. It is impossible to have fun while using worn out seat belts and seat pads, especially if you are going for a long drive. Have regular interior car detailing. In the meantime, buy soft, warm seat covers and seat belt pads.

Play Games

Games are the best way to make driving memorable an exciting when you are travelling with friends, or family. There are many driving games for kids and adults. The common ones are the alphabet game, virtual hide and seek, and 20-questions. Encourage the other occupants to propose games and teach the rest how to play. 

Try a New Car

Driving becomes boring when you are used to driving in the same car, on the same roads, and the same side of the road. Break the monotony by renting a car abroad and going on a road trip. If you are used to driving on the left, visit a country where they drive on the right. The car, the roads, and the side of driving will drive you either nuts or to ecstasy. Only ensure you insure your hired car, as it will boost your confidence on the road. 

Play a Movie

Sometimes it is impossible to keep up small talk on long journeys. In some cases, kids may push you to the edge if they have nothing to occupy their active minds. Give them a movie or something fun to watch. Comedy is an excellent option as it keeps you smiling all the way. Ensure you have watched the film beforehand to avoid getting distracted.

Engage Other Road Users

You can try waving and smiling at other road users. Offer small favours to others, especially when in slow moving traffic. Watching out for others and being friendly might be more exciting than you think. Just remember not to expect the other to reciprocate it. Not everyone is trying to squeeze every fun out of their time on the road.

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