Skoda Octavia

Skoda’s Best-Seller Octavia Gets Some Refreshing Updates

The Skoda Octavia is by far and away the brand’s most popular and best-selling model, having sold more than 7-million examples within its storied nameplate. With that in mind, the all-new fourth-generation, refreshed Octavia matters a lot, not just to Skoda, but also to consumers as a whole. The 4th-gen Octavia brings affordable do-it-all motoring to the masses, with its order books now open, starting at a reasonable £26,775. Both the hatchback and estate versions of the Octavia have seen refreshing, significant updates, including more efficient powertrains.

Depending on the specific trim level you’re going after, the new 4th-gen Skoda Octavia can be had in one of five different powertrains. There are two 1.5 TSI petrol engines (each is available with mild-hybrid tech), one speedier 2.0 TSI petrol engine, while the remaining two are 2.0 TDI diesel engines. Performance is more than sufficient for daily driving, with outputs ranging from 116PS to 265PS. Either way, all five powertrains see improvements in fuel economy and power. While the entry-level engine is paired with a DSG, a 6-speed manual is available elsewhere.

Skoda Octavia

Hybrid Power, Made Accessible To The Masses

Aside from under-the-hood tweaking and tuning to get more power and MPGs out of the new engines, there’s also that mild-hybrid that’s worth mentioning. It has regenerative braking, as it recovers otherwise lost energy during braking. It’s then stored within a 48-volt battery pack, in addition to a 48V starter-generator system. Altogether, the new 4th-gen Skoda Octavia can even coast with its engine completely switched off. Alternatively, when you don’t need all that horsepower, both the 1.5 TSI engines could turn off two of its cylinders to save you more fuel.

Speaking of tech, ADAS and safety systems are prominent on the 4th-gen Octavia, with Skoda equipping a plethora of systems to keep you safe on the open road. The drowsiness and driver attention monitors respectively use a clever algorithm to recognise fatigue and distractions in drivers. It even monitors minor deviations in your steering behaviour! On top of that, parking your Skoda Octavia is easier now thanks to a remote parking assist feature and an intelligent parking assist system. Moreover, it houses more than 10 airbags to cushion you in a crash.

Skoda Octavia

Modernised, Refined, Updated Interior

Though the 4th-gen Octavia is just as usable and practical as its predecessors, the interior gets a suite of enhancements. For the first time in the Octavia, you can spec a 13-inch infotainment display, though the default is a 10.25-inch unit. Additionally, you could also option another 13-inch digital gauge cluster, too. Just make sure you’re wary of which trim level you’re choosing; SE Technology, SE L, Sportline or the vRS. More optional extras include a heads-up display and a 15-watt USB-C port for rear passengers. There are more charging ports in the front, too.

That includes even speedier 45-watt USB-C charging ports (four of them), and as a bonus, you also get a 15-watt wireless charging pad. One neat addition to the new 4th-gen Octavia is the inclusion of ChatGPT. In particularly, it looks like Skoda is keen to integrate the chatbot along with the built-in Laura voice assistant, allowing you to control your in-car functions. There’s a lot more to like about the beloved Skoda Octavia, now brought up to date with more features and additional refinement. It’s safe to say it’ll likely remain highly popular among buyers.

Skoda Octavia

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