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Smartphones, Not So Smart Drivers

It will come as no surprise that university students – and the ‘youff’ as a whole – are not very good when it comes to resisting the urge to use their smartphone whilst driving. Blimey, did i just say ‘youff’? I’m only 26! In all honesty I do become a bit of a grumpy old man when it comes to driving pet hates and mobile phone usage is up there with the worst. It drives me mad and I’m sure it’s a bug bear of yours as well.

Risky Business

But exactly how many young drivers risk the safety of themselves and those around them? Well Ford has decided to conduct a survey to find out the true driving characteristics of the social media generation. Car crashes are the leading cause of death globally and young drivers are twice as likely to lose their life in a car accident in Europe. Crikey. 2,313 young drivers that studied at uni or had left school at the age of 18 had been asked.

The Results Are In

The survey found 43% admitted to sending texts whilst driving, 38% swipe through apps and 36% take calls. On a side note, the survey also revealed 13% have got behind the wheel whilst drunk.  Of all the uni students asked 28% stated they had been tempted to get a lift from a driver that had been drinking, 48% said they’d be tempted to drive a car overloaded with friends and an alarming 75% said they would be tempted to drive with either little or no sleep.

Driving Skills For Life

Well as part of the survey Ford is offering young drivers FREE training to young drivers. This is perfect for parents who are worried about their loved one being seriously injured or god forbid, killed, and it could prove vital for those who take part. Plus as it’s free there is nothing to lose! Ford’s next ‘Driving Skills For Life’ course takes place at London Excel on the 18th, 19th and 20th of November. If you or someone you know is interested then head to www.forddfsl.co.uk.

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