SMMT Test Day 2016 30

SMMT Test Day 2016 In Pictures

Every year SMMT organise a test day at Millbrook Proving Ground. This year we had 37 manufacturers and over 180 to choose from. Take a look at how the day went in pictures.

Visited Aston Martin and put my name down for the Vanquish

SMMT Test Day 2016-23

Over to Bentley and Grabbed the Last Continental GT

SMMT Test Day 2016-2

Took the Car Out On The Test Hill

SMMT Test Day 2016-40

Trip over to BMW to ask Nicely for the Keys to the M2

SMMT Test Day 2016-6

Gave it a Good Testing

SMMT Test Day 2016-7

Collected a Rolls-Royce Wraith

SMMT Test Day 2016-9

Enjoyed the Cruise

SMMT Test Day 2016-11

Swapped the Wraith for a shockingly fast Audi S8

SMMT Test Day 2016-13

We Tested Audis Back to Back Taking the RS6 Next

SMMT Test Day 2016-15

Upgraded the RS6 for an RS7

SMMT Test Day 2016-16

To Top off the Audi Range We Gave the Audi R8 a Good Testing

SMMT Test Day 2016-19

Drove it Hard and Fast

SMMT Test Day 2016-33

Going Back in Time we Had Our First go in the Peugeot 205 GTi

SMMT Test Day 2016-21


Feeling Brave We Such On Some Helmets and Tested the Caterham 420R

SMMT Test Day 2016-24

After the 5th Visit to Ford I managed to Get Hold of the New Ford Focus RS

SMMT Test Day 2016-26

Wished I Could Drive Like Ken Block for a Few Laps

SMMT Test Day 2016-34

The Highlight of the Day Was Testing the Aston Martin Vanquish

SMMT Test Day 2016-27

Took the Car on the Road Route and Enjoyed the Sound

SMMT Test Day 2016-36

After Coming Back to Reality I Took Out a Jaguar XF S

SMMT Test Day 2016-38

And Ended the Day In a Mitsubishi Evo VI Makinen Edition

SMMT Test Day 2016-48

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