Speed And Reels: The Best Automotive-Themed Video Games

Online video slot machines are a popular form of entertainment, and there are countless themes to choose from, covering everything from Egyptian treasures to automobiles. Car-themed slot games offer players the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of cars, speed, and high-octane action, all from the comfort of their own homes. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best automotive-themed online video slot machines available to play today. And if you wonder where to play them, you can find a list of some great places to start at https://www.australiaonlinecasinosites.com/review/.

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem By NetEnt

While most slot machines that feature cars focus on their price – riches are synonymous with supercars, after all, one of the most popular car-themed online video slot machines, called “Drive: Multiplier Mayhem”, focuses on nothing but speed.

The game, released by NetEnt in 2016, is set in the world of underground street racing and features high-performance cars and the characters behind the wheels. The game comes with “Multiplier Wilds” that not only multiply your winnings but also each other – for example, a 2X and a 3X wild on the same win line results in a 6X multiplier applied to the payout. On top of all this, the game also comes with special “Nitro” symbols that allow players to level up and scatters that trigger the game’s Free Spins feature.

Hot Rod Racers By Relax Gaming

“Hot Rod Racers” is another great automotive video slot machine, this time focusing on classic hot rods. The reels of the game feature symbols depicting these iconic cars, with vivid colors and flames on them – and their speed, with the help of some Nitro (which is also a symbol on the reels). The game’s Wild feature is also inspired by their speed: when landing on the screen, Wild symbols race out of sight, turning any Hot Rod symbols into Wilds in the process.

The game also comes with Free Spins and Super Free Spins, featuring sticky wilds and more multipliers.

Speed Demons (Bwin Exclusive)

“Speed Demons” is a great option for players who love fast cars and high-speed action. This game features a wide range of high-performance cars, including sports cars, supercars, and even Formula One racing cars. Players can trigger free spins, wild symbols, and even a bonus round where they can race against other players for the chance to win big prizes.

Hotline By NetEnt

Finally, let’s not forget “Hotline”, the retro slot machine inspired by one of the most iconic TV series of the 1980s, Miami Vice. In the series, supercars like the Ferrari Testarossa and the Ferrari Daytona Spider had a major role – their likeness is also heavily featured in the game, as part of the Wild Re-Spins feature. While it may not be an automotive-inspired slot machine, it does bring back the awe we felt as kids watching Tubbs and Crocket engaging in high-speed chases.

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