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How to Stay Connected to the Internet in your RV

With an RV, outdoor bonding is always fun and convenient because everything you may need from your home is being carried with you to your destination. But there’s just a tiny bit of a problem, it’s likely that connecting to the internet may come a bit of a struggle.

The common problem is pretty much the same. The place you are coming and going is far from satellite locations with many environmental blockers. Your RV material compositions is blocking signal. And the slowest it can become is when there are a lot of users fighting for the signal in the same area.

Here are a few things that you may want to try when you’re having a hard time with the reception.

The High Places

The high places are you friends. It may sound elitist but that’s the truth. The more you are levelled with the height of every cell tower, the more you are likely to get better signal. Being in high places is avoiding the trees and other obstructions that would lower your signal bar. While you’re at it, why not take a picture of the view in front of you.

The High Places

Travelling on road will affect the signal of your phone – that’s given. From one place you are near a cell tower, and the next thing you know, the signal is already gone. Then, it comes back again. There is a simple solution to this trickery. Take stop and open a window. Relax your body from all that inertia. With parked RV and a stable premise, it’s more likely that the signals can pass thoroughly.

Step Outside

Getting out of your RV should improve your signal. As mentioned, you’re RV’s metal skin and protective glass windows will most likely be blocking the signal to pass through. Step out, take a stretch and make that phone call/text to the one waiting for it. You also want to take a pee-break to save water from your RV.

Drive On

If you’re feeling a bit tired or lazy, and you just can’t wait to reach your destination, just keep on driving. Eventually, like every moving circumstance, the signal you deserve has its way of coming back to you.

Get RV Signal Boosters

If you’re one to have way too many phone calls and text alerts coming from businesses or loved ones, you best get an RV signal booster. This is reliable so that anywhere you go, your signal is significantly better and improved than initially it is. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the whole family accessing their phones for recreation. What better way to go down the road but with a few country hits from Spotify.

To some, outdoor activities should not be associated with technology, and internet should be suspended as they get to immerse with nature. And, this is a great idea if you really want to relax. But the natural hazards of life come inevitably. It’s never a buzz kill to be precautious. With an RV that’s get with the right signal booster, anywhere you are is a phone call or text away in cases of emergencies.

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