STP Start-Stop Petrol Engine Cleaner

STP Start-Stop Petrol Engine Cleaner is specially formulated to clean and protect key engine parts, to help start-stop engines run better for longer.

Why a Start-Stop Specific Cleaner?

A normal car without automatic start-stop can be expected to go through up to 50,000 start-stop events during its lifetime. However, with start-stop technology, the number of cycles goes up multiple times. Every time the engine stops, according to STP, there is an opportunity for deposits to build up.

Does The STP Start-Stop Petrol Engine Cleaner Work?

I will be honest, this is very difficult to both test and prove. It may not massively benefit your engine but it certainly won’t do it any harm.

STP say the system cleaner will help break down deposits that build up in the fuel intake system. This will help bring back more power, lead to better driveability and lower the exhaust emissions. For more information see their website.

The cost of the fuel additive is around £6-£8. I would suggest giving this product a go on your car, if you think you might have deposits building up. Let us know in the comments if it made any difference for you.

What is Start-Stop?

Start-Stop is a system available in lots of modern cars, which automatically shuts down the engine when the car is stationary. This is designed to reduce the amount of time the vehicle spends idling, in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Then, when the brake pedal is released, or the clutch is engaged and the driver is ready to move again, the engine starts. This is ideal for when you get caught in congestion or stop at traffic lights. The fuel economy gains can be as much as 12%. Now that government regulations on fuel economy and emissions are becoming increasingly stringent, this system will become more widespread.

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  • Margarite Koehne Says

    There are several types of fuel injector cleaners out there. The basic ones will only clean the fuel system and the carbon build-up inside the combustion chamber.

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