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How About a Stunning Jaguar XE S Cabriolet?

Theophilus Chin Creates a XE Cabriolet

At the launch of the Jaguar XE, questions were asked about its variants. Will there be a sportbrake? Will there be a convertible? Jaguar didn’t answer these questions, instead they just left us guessing. Now Theophilus Chin has created a rendering of the Stunning Jaguar XE Cabriolet for us, so we no longer have to worry about what it might look like.

Jaguar XE S Cabriolet

Jaguar XE S Cabriolet

The rendering sports the XE S badge on the rear, which means it is the fastest model released with 340bhp under the bonnet from a 3.0-litre V6. Remember this is the same engine they put in the F-Type V6, so it is no slouch.  The cabriolet, if ever made, could get you to 60mph in around 4.9 seconds.

Do you think they will make it?

Source:  Theophilus Chin

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