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T-Wings, Shark-Fins And T-Bone – F1 Is Back

Formula 1 is back! After weeks of teasing, all of the 9 teams unveiled their car and then went about testing them in Barcelona. The look and feel of the cars lived up to the hype that was created in the off-season, barring a few of the unnecessary and ugly aero devices like the ‘T-wing’ and shark-fin – both of which should go the ‘t-bone’ way.

From the 9 teams, at least 3 teams have changed their liveries. Mclaren have opted for the Trump flavour orange with lots of black, Force India adopted the silver that Mclaren left behind in 2016 and Toro Rosso, also the most beautiful car on the grid, has to be inspired by the Superman.

The opening few days of testing revealed that despite the rule changes, 2017 might be an extension of 2016’s form factor. Mercedes clocked two race simulations in the opening 2 days while Mclaren opted for 2 changes in Honda’s power unit. Ferrari, who seem to be quicker and closer to Mercedes than last season, are showing hope. Let’s hope they deliver when it matters the most, an area they’ve struggled at in the recent past.

The recent past has also indicated that the step up to Formula 1 wasn’t entirely a tough one for the rookies. After having witnessed Lance Stroll’s difficult few days on track and in the gravel trap, we’re somewhat pleased that Formula 1 doesn’t seem like a walk (or a Stroll) in the park for the newcomers. Is this why Williams tied up with JCB? To help with Stroll’s beached car all season long!

Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa have raised concerns about the ONE thing that bothers fans – overtaking. They’re worried that while the cars are fast and put the drivers to task, the heavy aero profiles might not encourage close quarter racing. Frankly, if Hamilton’s worried about overtaking, then we all should be. After all, there’s only ONE Max Verstappen. And by the way, Formula 1 has finally replaced Verstappen’s ‘VES’ on the timing screens with the ‘VER’.

Lastly, RAI was declared as the winner of Hamilton’s helmet design competition. There’s little you can’t win with a RAI in your name.

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