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Tesla Showcasing Their Data – Completed Over 2B Miles

It is no surprise to anyone that Tesla are at the forefront of car technology. We are at a very interesting place with cars and technology at the moment, take a read here if you are interested on some of the crazy things that cars can do on the roads today.

Tesla’s cars are so well connected that the beauty of this is that they can collect the information back from every car and run trends on the data. They have just announced that their cars have covered over 2 billion miles on the roads around the world.

Wait. 2 billion miles without using a drop of petrol? What a world we live in. This is something that no other car manufacturer can do with their fleet of cars, incredible.

Tesla data showcase miles saved travelled 2

91 Million Gallons Of Fuel Saved

This data can be used for lots of things so don’t think that this is just a clever statistic. In fact, they have run the maths and figured out how much petrol that would have saved and it’s a big number. To do that 2 billion miles it would have taken 91 million gallons of fuel.

I wonder what else this impressive data can be used for. We know that Tesla have rolled out the AutoPilot system that learns with every mile it takes on the roads. Who knows where this technology is really going, 5 years from now we could be looking at a completely different world of motoring. Bring it on!

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