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Before the Test Drive – Tesla Model S P85

With a pending test drive of the Tesla Model S P85 here are my thoughts about the car before getting behind the wheel.

What is the Tesla Model S P85 all about?

The Tesla Model S is the latest production car from the American based car manufacturer headed up by Elon Musk. The Model S is a luxury all electric car and comes in a couple of variants which is determined by the battery capacity, the number of motors the car has and whether it is a performance model or not. The entry model on sale is the 60 kWh and the highest is the P85D, the performance dual motor version.

The Model S is an impressive electric car and has better range than any other mainstream electric car on the market. The Tesla is backed by a growing infrastructure of Tesla Superchargers, which are super fast charging stations meaning the Model S can be fully charged in around one hour.

The Tesla Model S is a technology focused product and it is incredible that we now have production cars that can literally receive over the air software updates to improve functionality, efficiency and performance. Tesla are really leading modern day car innovation at an exceptional rate.

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The Tesla Model S P85 has a single motor on the rear axle. This motor creates 410bhp and can get the car from 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds, it has an 85kWh battery that can return around 250 miles of typical range.

Expectations – Tesla Model S P85

There is a lot of hype around Teslas, and for some very solid reasons. There are 3 key area where I have extremely high hopes for the Model S; first is around performance, by not using internal combustion engines and using purely motors to power the car there are lots of performance gains that come along with it. The Tesla Model S has a huge amount of torque that is instantly available. As I have never driven this car before, I can’t wait to experience the raw electric torque from the P85.  I would expect this power to play a big part in making the car feel a lot faster than it looks on paper.

The next feature I am keen to see is the car’s technology. The Model S is one of the most advanced cars on the road today. Some of the technology features on the car include a 17 inch infotainment display, and some of the most advanced driving assistance packages available which includes autopilot, traffic aware cruise control, automatic lane centring plus lots more. I cannot wait to test these features, and I really think this will put Tesla head and shoulders above the competition.

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The last thing I am really looking forward to testing out is actually living a week with a fully electric car. The Model S differentiates itself from the rest of the electric cars because it has incredibly long range that is boosted by an infrastructure of superchargers which can fully charge the car in less than an hour. I expect to be able to carry out my week as normal, unaffected by the fact that the car is running purely on electric.

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This is certainly one of the test drives I have looked forward to the most. Catch my review to see what I thought of the Tesla Model S P85.

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