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The 3 Most Mind-Blowing Moments In F1 History

Formula One is an incredible sport to watch, but there have been some moments in the history of F1 that were so amazing, so mind-blowing, that they can truly be seen as once in a lifetime events.

To pay homage to the highs and lows of this incredible sport, this article aims to take a brief look at some of the most incredible and infamous moments of F1’s history.

1. The Crashgate Scandal [2008/2009]

Possibly one of the most infamous races of all time, the Grand Prix in Singapore was already a topic of contention due to mixed opinions on the idea of night racing at all. However, those concerns were quickly blown out of the water by allegations of wrongdoings and a plot to tip the scales that led to Fernando Alonso’s victory at the conclusion of the Grand Prix.

The core of these allegations was the suggestion that Nelson Piquet Jr. deliberately crashed his car to give his teammate an edge in the race. The investigation that followed these allegations was itself a subject of contention for years afterwards and ended with the disgraced departure of Renault Formula One managing director at the time, Flavio Briatore, as he was effectively banned from the sport until the end of the 2012 season.

2. Jenson Button’s Comeback in the Canadian Grand Prix [2011]

After a dramatic crash with Lewis Hamilton (his teammate at the time), Jenson Button found himself pushed all the way back to 15th place when a torrential downpour of rain forced the race to stop for a couple of hours. However, Button refused to accept defeat and managed to fight his way all the way back up to second place by the final lap of the race. 

Finally, during the course of this last lap the current 1st place driver, Sebastian Vettel, made a minor error – barely worth mentioning in most cases. However, Button took advantage of that error to steal a last minute first place in one of the most dramatic comebacks in F1 history.

3. Jack Brabham’s Final Push [1959]

In the 1959 US Grand Prix, Jack Brabham utilized a tactic in his final lap that has never been seen again. Out of fuel and out of luck in his final lap, Brabham simply jumped out of his car and pushed it over the finish line, securing a fourth-place finish but with first class style.

Making Highs Out of Lows

Of course, not every moment in F1 can be like these amazing examples. In fact, there are sure to be moments that are downright dull – whether because nothing interesting is happening or because of downtime between events.

So, what can you do to help keep yourself entertained and make some “high” moments out of dull ones?

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