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The 5 Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents In New York City

Suffice it to say that The Big Apple is not a car-friendly city. As one of the most populated parts of the country, New York can be hectic and overwhelming to navigate. Getting through the congested and complicated streets is no simple task.

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According to the NY State Department of Health, collisions kill over 1,000 New Yorkers each year in addition to the thousands that are sent to the emergency room with vehicle-related injuries. Most are preventable and caused by driver error, which stems from the following factors.

Driver Inattention

Research performed by the Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research found that New York authorities issued nearly 200,000 tickets for violations related to using electronics behind the wheel. This includes texting and talking on smartphones. Distracted driving can also be caused by:

  • Eating and drinking
  • Speaking to passengers
  • Reaching for items in the car
  • Adjusting the radio or climate controls
  • Leaving work feeling stressed or fatigued

Intoxication Or Impairment

Millions of people admit to having been intoxicated, whether by alcohol or drugs, while operating a vehicle. Impairment can also come from physical or mental dispositions such as drowsiness from working long hours or taking medication. Sleep deprivation is another source of impairment.

Rushed Driving

The city that never sleeps not only suffers from a lack of slumber but also being constantly occupied or in a rush. With days that lack enough hours for fulfilling endless obligations, hasty motorists can end up speeding through intersections and skipping red lights, as well as missing blind spots that inevitably lead to accidents.

If you fall victim to negligent driving or become responsible for a mistake on the road, it’s important to get help from a car accident lawyer in NYC. This will ensure that you receive the compensation you need to cover your losses and mitigate the effect of any claims made against you.

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Vehicle Malfunction

While driver negligence is the leading cause of collisions, vehicle malfunction plays a role in many accidents, too. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) points to this factor for 6.8% of all incidents on the road. Common issues include:

  • Broken headlights or brake lights
  • Poorly maintained transmission
  • Steering system malfunction
  • Worn-out brakes
  • Engine failure
  • Bald tires


According to the New York Police Department, 35% of damaging collisions are caused by following too closely to the vehicle in front. While tailgating typically results in what is considered a minor accident, modern cars with “softer” components can have you shelling out hefty fees for a simple fender bender. Whiplash injuries are another concern.

Noteworthy Factors

The following are the other main causes of car accidents in New York City:

  • Unsafe lane changes and improper passing
  • Failing to yield to pedestrians
  • Poorly maintained roads
  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Reckless driving
  • Bad weather
  • Speeding

If you’re ever involved in a collision during your time in New York, having the expertise of a specialist attorney by your side will help you see the best possible outcome. Of course, proper insurance also comes in handy.

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