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The Adventurous Experience Of Nepal Motorcycle Touring

The experience of Motorcycle touring in Nepal is just awesome. It’s just in the bucket list of every rider to ride through the country a lot on a Royal Enfield bike to catch up all the exciting and adventurous experiences. The country is surrounded by India to the south while China in the north, along with the world’s other eight tallest mountains.

Riding a bike is a unique way to discover this country 

The northern part of Nepal is dry and not at all humid. It’s just a cool and dry place to have motorcycle touring. Take the experience of Nepal motorcycle tours for your best memory.

The natural beauty and landscape of the place will take your breath away. The best experience is the local people there. You can get to know them, their culture, their way of life and their attitude towards the tourists will make the biggest impression on you. People of Nepal are very helpful and friendly to the foreigners coming to visit their place.

As compared to India or China, geographically Nepal is very small in size. That is the reason you can ride with a Royal Enfield bike more leisurely and peacefully to have a great unforgetful experience.

If you are planning a Motorcycle Touring in Nepal should not forget to include these riding destinations to your traveling schedule. Mustang Valley, Bardia National Park, and Ride to Jiri should be included in your list.

Mustang Valley will give you a great view of landscapes and house structures as if they are from Tibet and not Nepal. Bardia National Park is situated west side of Nepal is highly ideal for motorcyclists. You can view Royal Bardia National Park along with Shukla Phanta Wildlife Reserve. You can easily get a homestay with a local Tharu community to spend the night in the jungle.

Altitude, roads and Bike Preparation and Gear should be taken care of for all your safety reasons while you are planning a Bike trip to the country. You should be equipped with proper inner and outer thermals for the weather of the extremely mountainous country. Nevertheless, your ride across Nepal is being advised to keep yourself hydrated at all times.

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