The All-new Skoda Kodiaq iV is a Bargain Hybrid Flagship SUV

The Skoda Kodiaq is already a good value proposition, offering fantastic bang for your buck. But the new iV version promises greater efficiency and to save you money in the long run. The new plug-in hybrid system offers a greater range of up to 75 miles and can boost performance, although this likely won’t be necessary in a large family SUV.

Skoda Kodiaq iV

A Drivetrain Debut

This is the first time that the Kodiaq is being offered with a plug-in hybrid system, which first appeared in the Skoda Octavia in 2021. The second-generation system increases the potential range to 75 miles, which is more than enough for a day of electric-only driving. The system is comprised of a four-cylinder turbocharged 1.5 TSI engine and an electric motor built into the DSG gearbox. Combined, they make 237hp.

The electric motor has plenty of uses to ensure it isn’t deadweight. It replaces the alternator and is used to start the engine, although the comparatively ancient combustion engine may not be required too often. The Kodiaq iV will always start in electric-only E-mode, providing the temperature isn’t ridiculously low and the battery has sufficient charge. Hybrid mode sees the car assess the best use of the motor and engine and will use one or both, depending on the situation, to minimise fuel consumption. Finally, sport mode deploys the maximum possible power from both to boost performance. This results in a peak power output of 201hp and 350Nm of torque.

Skoda Kodiaq iV

Bigger Battery, Better Charging

The new Skoda Kodiaq iV comes with a larger battery pack than previous plug-in Skodas. It’s fitted with a 25.7kWh battery pack, of which 19.7kWh is usable. Located under the rear seats, it stores energy and supplies it for the motor and air conditioning system. As expected, it also accumulates energy from regenerative braking.

The new drivetrain also brings faster charging, which will be a relief for buyers. The most significant charging development is the ability to accept DC rapid charging, a first for Skoda PHEVs. At a peak speed of 50kW, it can charge from 10% to 80% in just 26 minutes, about enough time to get a meal at a service station. That’s great news, as is a CCS socket, which brings compatibility with all rapid chargers, removing charging station woes from the equation. However, the bad news is that AC charging, often found at public chargers and home chargers, will take two and a half hours to charge the Kodiaq iV.

Skoda Kodiaq iV

Value for Money

The Skoda Kodiaq iV starts from £41,935 OTR, which isn’t bad for a large plug-in hybrid SUV and it could actually save you money. Its impressive electric range means it only has a  5% Benefit in Kind rate and the improved efficiency and lower cost of charging will contribute to further savings.

It will be available in two trims, SE and SE L. Standard equipment for the SE is generous, but upgrading brings larger 19-inch wheels, more advanced LED headlights, and the ecoSuite interior with artificial and real leather. Furthermore, it adds a memory function to the driver’s seat and an electrically operated boot. The SE L starts from £44,635 OTR. Both are now available to order and will likely continue the popularity that the Kodiaq has seen so far.

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