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The Best Cars For A Cross-Country Road Trip To Las Vegas

The Best Cars For A Cross-Country Road Trip To Las Vegas

The road calls like a whim to a dreamer, out in the valley among the plains, making headway. There’s no pleasure in life like roaming the vastness of nature. An expression goes by the idea that a tourist wishes to escape life, but a traveler wishes to experience it. And as such, what better way to feel and be immersed in nature than to be out on the road?

And what better destination to experience life than Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps? From the iconic casinos on the Strip to the thrilling rides on top of the Stratosphere Tower, there’s always something to do in Vegas.

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For explorers and wanderers of the world, the following is a list and a passionate review of mechanical friends that take us on long-awaited journeys.

Criteria For Choosing A Road Trip Car

There’s no greater pleasure than examining and understanding the beauty of fine art in the form of vehicle design. Automotive builds have become a part of our existence, like family members we rely on to get us to our destinations and sometimes just for pure joy. Beauty comes in all forms, but certain vehicles are better suited for specific indulgences.

Comfort: Comfort is key, whether for a long drive or a simple errand. When stepping into a car, an individual should feel at home, connected with seats that offer encompassing support and a structure that supports them. The seat is where most of their day-to-day actions will happen and where memories will be created.

Space: Dwelling out on the road, a car should feel as free and as open as the horizons are. Free from the confinement of the office and responsibilities, the capacity of a car should be sufficient to release all worries and provide room for individuals and for escaping from the mundane.

Fuel efficiency: A dependable car should be fuel-efficient, able to go the extra mile, and not bail out on you halfway. While it may need an occasional oil change, it should still be up and running.

Safety: A friend is no friend unless they have your back; a car should be dependable and, as such, safe.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV GX3h MY16 Granite Brown PH 35

Top Cars For A Road Trip To Las Vegas

The abyss of Nevada extends miles and miles to trail; to reach “The Entertainment Capital of The World,” the road has long diverged with nights and mornings. Below is a list of the finest companions for such paths.


SUVs remain a classic favorite, offering the best of both worlds whether the destination is on the highway or somewhere off-road. Let’s take a look at the Honda CR-V, a hybrid that refuses to conform to the industrial world like its owner. It cares for both the road and nature, and drivers can hear the road react as the dual chrome exhausts blast.

Another beauty among these queens is the Toyota RAV4, a partner in crime that says adventure is what you make of it; with TRD Off-Road capability, no paths can steer clear of its suspension. And the list is not complete without the Subaru Forester, which offers safety measures and versatile capabilities.

All of these SUVs delight cruise at ease while preserving energy and obtaining fuel efficiency, making them great companions for road trips.


Toyota Camry and Honda Accord are great options for cross-country road trips to Las Vegas. Inspired by the Japanese word ‘Kanmuri,’ meaning crown, the Camry is a famous model among Toyotas and the perfect sedan for a road trip. Beyond being just a family-friendly vehicle, the Camry maintains a youthful approach with subtle, stylish accents and dual exhaust with quad chrome tips.

For those who like to maintain their equilibrium, the Honda Accord is an ideal balance of power and refinement, embracing modern aspects in motion. Drivers get to experience what safety in a car looks like with its Road Departure Mitigation System.

Crafted to inspire and turbocharged to deliver, the Mazda6 was born to defy the notion of what a sedan is. No matter what your heart desires, capacity, cabins, and comfort are all elements found in these sedans.


The more, the merrier, a term most applicable in road trips, especially with large groups. Minivans are large friendly vehicles. The Odyssey was built in a way that Honda targeted “Modern Design Meets family fun.” So much to explore that this Honda has a built-in entertainment system that connects to Apple Carplay and Android Auto, allowing kids to escape to their worlds and parents to enjoy the road.

More so, the Toyota Sienna came into the play, another minivan that’s large at heart and brave on the road. This baby knows no limit allowing room for mobility with a possible wheelchair-accessible conversion that has only begun. If drivers are looking for plenty of room for passengers and piles of luggage, pack it all in the large luggage cabin and get on the road; minivans have more than meets the eye.

Lastly, no words or form of expression can depict what a road trip feels like, unless one is on the road in their car. A choice remains of the essence and personal preference; there is no right choice but one suitable friend for the journey. SUVs, Sedans, and Minivans are beauties to relish in out on the path to lovely Nevada, home of the only Las Vegas.

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