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The Best Saturn Cars Out There: Which Should You Buy?

Are You Considering Buying A Car From Saturn? Make Sure You Keep Reading Below To Learn About The Best Saturn Cars Out There Right Now.

If you are on the lookout for a new car then you should seriously consider a Saturn. Saturn cars are amongst the most stylish, affordable, and comfortable vehicles you can get.

But with so many options, you may be puzzled as to which Saturn car to buy. In this guide, we will tell you what the best Saturn cars are so you can decide which one to buy.

The Buying Guide For Saturn Cars

Saturn cars are as varied as can be. They are often overlooked but are a great choice of car. They have a fascinating history and have produced a great set of cars for every occasion, every need, and every taste.


Here is our comprehensive buying guide so you can choose which is the best Saturn for you:

1. Sky

Oddly enough, one of the Saturn’s that we highly recommend is one of its least popular models.

But if you can get your hands on a Saturn Sky, we recommend that you do. This is a stylish convertible with a sophisticated interior. It has a unique shape that was designed by the same designer who would go on to design models for Tesla.

Saturn’s have been known for their ordinary design and functionality. But if you want to turn heads while still having a reliable and affordable car, you want to consider a Saturn Sky.

And if you are looking for parts for this model, you can always check out the Saturn Sky Redline.

2. Outlook

If you are looking for an SUV then you want to look at the Saturn Outlook. This is an all-wheel drive car and can seat up to eight passengers. This is a perfect car for a longer road trip without forgoing the comfort that you find in a smaller car.

It is often ranked as one of the most popular Saturn models and is a favorite amongst Saturn drivers. If you want a practical car you want to look at the Saturn Outlook.

3. S-Series Coupe

This has the interior features of a standard Saturn sedan model. But like the Saturn Sky, the Saturn S-Series Coupe is made to turn heads.

It has the functionality of any practical model but also maintains the unique style and class of a sports car. It has a suicide door opening for the backseat passengers. This is available in the second generation model of the car and it is this later model that we recommend for you to purchase.

4. S-Series Sedan

This is the sedan model of the S-Series. If you need something more practical and less glamorous than the Coupe model, then this might be the right car for you.

This has a smooth drivetrain, it has plastic panels that are dent-resistant, and are known for their reliability and efficiency.

It is this sedan that put Saturn cars on the map. While the Ion model is now more popular, you cannot go wrong with getting an S-Series Sedan.

5. Vue

Let us return to another great SUV. If the Saturn Outlook does not do it for you, then you are sure to like the Saturn Vue. This has the Honda 3.5 V6 liter engine and has a similar shape to the S-Series Sedan.

The Vue stands apart from other SUVs because of its simplicity and its incredible reliability. This is an SUV that will not cause you any hassles.

It has a platform now most commonly find in a Chevy Equinox. While this is an older model to the Outlook, it may be for you if you need a simple, no-frills SUV.

6. Astra

Sometimes, you need a sedan that turns heads in the manner that a sports car would. This is where the Saturn Astra comes in.

This is not a subtle car. It has an extravagant design and resembles what one would expect to see in a European-style sedan. This particular model of Saturn has competed with the likes of similar models in more well-known car brands. It has been seen as a great competitor to the Honda Civic, the Volkswagen Golf, Toyota Corolla, and the Ford Focus.

While it does not have as much power as some of these competitors, it has strong equipment, a stylish and comfortable interior and superb handling.

If you just need an everyday sedan but also do not want to compromise on style, then the Saturn Astra is for you. They have become a rare commodity so now might be the time to get your hands on one.

7. Relay

If you need a big SUV then you want the Saturn Relay. In fact, if you need a minivan, then this is the vehicle for you.

The Relay is incredibly spacious and is easily one of the most practical and affordable minivans that you can find. If you need a minivan and do not want to unnecessarily splurge on additional features found in competitors then this is the model for you.

What makes this car stand apart from the Vue and the Outlook models is its capacity to hold passengers and luggage. This is great for an even longer road trip. If you wish to traverse over rugged terrain or enjoy the mountain view while driving on the road, then this is the minivan for you.

8. Ion

The Saturn Ion is one of Saturn’s most recognized models. This was the upgrade to both the S-Series Sedans and the S-Series Coupe’s. This was the Saturn for everyday use and the one that established the brand.

It has the plastic body-panels and uses a platform now also found in the Chevrolet Cobalt. The interior layout is unique, with a central gauge pod and a very small steering wheel. But if you want a different driving experience while maintaining practicality, you cannot do better than a Saturn Ion.

There’s A Saturn For You

Now that you know the best Saturn cars, you are sure to find the right Saturn for you! We wish you all the best and happy driving with your new Saturn!

Be sure to read more about Saturn cars and the latest car news.

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