The Different Paint Finishes You Can Get for Your Car

There are many different types of car paint which can give the vehicle a completely different appearance. This means that it is worth knowing what these finishes are so that you can either find the right type if you are making a repair, trying to replace the coating or if you want to completely change the exterior appearance of the automobile.

Ford Mustang GT PH 19

Solid Paint

Solid paint is how the car comes as standard from the factory and there are endless colours and it is a type which is easy and affordable to apply. This is usually a single application of the chosen colour and then a lacquer coat to protect the paint. The only downsides are that they tend to fade over time (especially red) and they can show dirt and damage more than other types. You can easily apply this sort of finish yourself to your car with places like SGS selling high-quality spray guns.


Metallic paint is similar to solid but with a small amount of powdered metal which makes it more expensive to apply and repair. The metal flakes cause light to bounce off the surface which gives the car a shine which is a huge plus and the main reason that this type is so popular. Metallic paint also does a better job of concealing minor damage.


Matte finishes are typically only seen on high-end vehicles and have a silky, non-shiny look. Matte can look fantastic and help your car to stand out on the road but it can also be expensive to maintain and repair with the need for specialised products and scratches being more noticeable.


Instead of the metal particles found in metallic paint, pearlescent uses ceramic crystals which refract the light which reflects multiple colours under the same light. This creates a fantastic sparkle effect which leads many people to prefer this finish to metallic. Pearlescent paint is also hardwearing and it doesn’t fade quickly. The main drawbacks are that it can be expensive to repair, the initial cost is high and there are fewer colours to choose from.

These are the main types of finish each with their own benefits and drawbacks. There is a huge difference between the finishes not only in how it makes the car look but also in terms of repair, maintenance and cost so it is worth knowing the difference whether you are looking to make a repair or completely change the appearance of your vehicle.

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