The Digitally Connected Bentley Grand Tourer

In a hashtag, emoji world there are those who still prefer using a key in hand. However, that is not the case anymore. 10 years ago, you would not expect an automotive car journalist to be writing about an app, but in this emoji world, Bentley has devolved their own. It has been designed to do everything you would need. Informing you the best route to work, the weather at the destination and dedicated space to an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight devices. This was first introduced on the Bentayga and has now been accessible across all of their motor cars.

Bentley’s Swiss army knife of keys!

Bentley has commented saying, “customers can integrate and link their car to their lifestyle.” At the end of the day, apps and software already exist that will allow you to complete the same tasks. Currently, you can link your phone to apple car play or Android auto and over pronounce “Hello Google, what is the weather in at the peak of Everest” and it does it all for you instantly.

However, there are a few good aspects but they may be as useful as the fourth search page on Google. You can lock and unlock your car form anywhere in the world. The only time I think this would be of any use is when you are at work and your significant other accidentally leaves their coat on the back seat. This may be of use on a rare occasion, but you would have to ask them check that it had actually locked as the app’s promise would hardly appease the worried mind.

“My Bentley” does do all mundane things, such as tells you where you last parked in Whole Foods car park and if you have enough fuel in the car to get back home from the Whole foods car park.

Bentley Emergency Call Center

I’ve been in a few shunts, no crashes but I have seen some. Surprising the passengers did not get the urge to find their phone to look for the car manufactures app and contact the local emergency services via it. But don’t worry, it detects when an airbag has gone off and someone in the “Bentley Emergency Call Center” will be able to pinpoint your location and send an army of paramedics to your aid.

Bentley have also set up another department called the “Bentley Roadside Assistance Call Center”. Surprising this department is for when your Bentley has broken-down. I have a feeling that Bentley have put too much thought into the uses of this fancy app than they have been to opening new departments to justify it.

However, I may be being cynical and this is exactly what the customers of this mighty car brand want. All in all, it is nice to see that Bentley have added something else to the catalogue but I think it’s more filler not killer, looking to please the hashtag and emoji punters.

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