Superformance Everrati Ford GT40

The Ford GT40 Goes Electric

The Ford GT40 of the 1960s remains one of the most iconic race cars ever, having stolen the Le Mans win of the era from the domineering Ferraris. Something that you may not know is that technically, you can buy a brand new GT40… In an ‘as it was made back in the good old days’ continuation car built by Superformance. With a lending hand from Everrati, you can now have it electrified.

Both are very different brands. Superformance makes, among other things, continuation Shelby Cobras and Daytona Coupes. Meanwhile, Everrati’s business model is based on the idea of taking a rotting classic, and freshen things up a little with electric motors and batteries. They’ve already done this with countless 911s, Land Rovers, and a Mercedes-Benz Pagoda.

Electrifyingly Old-School

Now, a partnership between them will see its result appear in the form of an electrified GT40. So far, we don’t yet know the specs of the state-of-the-art EV powertrain that’s destined to run this. But we do know that a lot of attention is going to be put to make sure it doesn’t spoil the enjoyment. Just because it’s an EV, doesn’t mean it can’t be engaging or fun.

The steely-eyed focus will be put on the placement of the battery to maintain its weight distribution, for example. Otherwise, you probably can’t tell that it’s an EV, aside from the lack of a V8 burble. Thus far, they’ve already built a prototype chassis, and the electric gubbins is being refined at Everrati’s UK R&D centre at Upper Heyford, once housing a US airbase.

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