The growth from slot machine to online slots 

Slot games are evolving and evolving. Thanks to innovative developers and ambitious online casinos such as CasinoDames, the online slot game has been taken to new levels in recent years. High quality, super smoothly animated, 3D graphic slots are now the norm. No longer just about fruit and bells, slot machines now come in all shapes and sizes, touching on all kinds of themes and layouts, in order to appeal to a new online gambling audience who can’t get enough of the reel spinning pastime.

As you spin another game on Zombie Rush or take a whizz round Penguin City, it may be easy to forget just how far the slot machine has come. It’s humble beginnings, before they were even found in pubs, can be dated far back to the late 19th century. 

Invented in a pre-prohibition United States of America, the prizes of these non-electrical slot machines were alcohol and cigars, exchanged at the bar following a win. Whilst this is little known knowledge, we all know fruit machines from our local pubs, clubs, bars and chip shops. They provide the change of tempo from the table bound chat or the cash injection for a good night on the town.

They are beloved and nostalgic and, for the most part, still found in pubs today. However, looking back, they were oh so simple back then.

Three oranges in a row, maybe a cherry treble or a row of bells. That was about as elaborate as the slot machine got, before different themes and concepts were introduced later on. Now in the online realm, you cannot put into numbers the amount of slot games and new and original themes and concepts that exist.

How slot games have changed since moving online

There is no denying how much the slot game has changed since moving online, but don’t worry, they still have the same format at heart.

More accessible than ever

Thanks to the around the clock nature of online gambling, slot machines have never been more accessible. Greater still, the functionality on smartphone of modern slot games means that they are finely tailored to a market that loves it’s mobile devices.

Never before has it been so easy to play a slot game or fruit machine and this one major change.

Games now have more bonus modes and features

While the old school reel spinners among us can still find a simple, nostalgic fruit machine online, the majority of people are falling in love with amount of bonus modes and features that the modern slot involves.

More ays to win and more money to win, makes for a successful online slot game like never before.

Amazing graphics

Modern technology has led to an improvement in the graphics used for the online slot games in question.

3D graphics are now the norm and as such, a more engaging slot game experience can be found and enjoyed far easier than before the format moved online. Another change of many in recent years.

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