The Highland Haven Review

During the first leg of our North Coast 500 trip in Scotland, it was necessary to find a good resting place to continue the long journey ahead in high spirits. That is how we came across The Highland Haven. It was the perfect pit-stop that embodied everything great about the Highland life. We managed to experience the cosy warmth and hospitality that only a genuine family-run establishment can offer. Here is a brief summary of what was on offer at The Highland Haven.

Fantastic Views

While the entire coastline in this area is breathtaking, the particular spot where The Highland Haven is located is quite stunning. This offers plenty of incredible views including Dunnet Head right from the comfort of your accommodation. Situated just off the meeting point of the Atlantic and the Pentland Firth, we were treated to some very relaxing views. It was a perfect break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and we got to experience firsthand the slow but soothing life in the highlands. This was a welcome break from all the driving and the stay here got us rejuvenated enough to continue on our trip with a renewed vigour.

Scandinavean theme with a modern touch

Many often see a bed and breakfast type of accommodation as a step down from a regular hotel but in this case, it was rather fulfilling and enriching. The design follows a Scandinavian theme which gives the stay a quirky twist to it.

The living areas are all spacious and charming and it is quite easy to just see your stress vanish just by sitting on one of the sofas or chairs.

This does not mean that you will have to forego all modern amenities. Those who cannot live without the internet do not worry as wifi is available. The beds offer USB sockets and reading lights which means that you can carry out any social media stuff here quite easily.

The best way to spend time here would be to read a book or by socialising with your travel mates. There is something about the mood this place creates that conversations just flow and everything from planning your journey to idle chit-chat becomes a lot more interesting. If your journey is about switching off from the world and just spending quality time with your family and friends then this is quite the place to do so.

A stately kitchen and the joys of self-catering

Our biggest surprise on being welcomed into the Highland Haven was how massive the kitchen was. Self-catering might seem unappealing to some but it was plenty enjoyable here. The kitchen comes equipped with a substantial cooker, a couple of fridges and enough storage room so that you can stock up for your entire stay quite easily.

If you are feeling really laid back and do not want to worry about catering then the people at the Highland Haven can help you out with continental breakfasts, buffet lunches and great dinners for an extra charge provided you inform them beforehand. We went the self-catering route but given how great our hosts were, their catering should also be top-notch.

The kitchen and lounge come with a massive dining table, large sofas and a wood-burning fireplace that just gives the place a very charmingly calm vibe. There are no televisions which is actually a good thing as you can really cut yourself off from all distractions and unwind in the best way possible.

Relaxing atmosphere

If only one word could be used to describe The Highland Haven then it would be ‘relaxing’. The first impression is great and the couple who run this place offer a really warm welcome. However, the true nature of a place is only revealed once you settle in for your stay and the Highland Haven did not disappoint.

The box-beds come with the aforementioned charging ports and reading lamps. They also have privacy shutters which allow you to be on your phone or read a book late into the night without disturbing your mates who choose to sleep. The beds were really cosy and so were all the other spots you can settle down during your stay.

Sitting back on the sofa in front of the fireplace while ogling at the gorgeous landscape around gave us the feeling of being pampered to the hilt. If a stay in the Highlands is all about the effortless release of stress and increasing positive energy then The Highland Haven perfectly exemplifies it. It is just the right amount of relaxing, but you would still feel like going out and exploring all the beautiful spots this part of Scotland has to offer.

Perfect for all types of vacations

There are two rooms available. The ‘Barn’ that can sleep six people and the ‘Burrow’ that can sleep four people. The former is great for a group of friends or a larger family while the latter is ideal for smaller families.

Each room has its own shower and you can get all the bed linen and towels you would need for a modest charge.

The place also has plenty of parking space making it ideal for people on the NC500. Everyone from cyclists to those taking road trips will find all the amenities they need to make a stop and rest up. When we began our NC500 journey, The Highland Haven was one of many places to stop and recharge but it turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip. If you are in the area and need a place to rest your weary legs for a couple of days at a reasonable price then The Highland Haven is highly recommended.

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