The Impact of Washington’s Severe Weather on RVs and Other Vehicles

With an average rainfall of 150 to 190 days per year, it’s obvious how the Evergreen State got its nickname. While the rain keeps the state green and beautiful, it can wreak havoc on RVs and other vehicles’ exteriors and roofs. Whether yours is along the coast or in the mountains, Washington’s severe weather can cause costly damage.

If the rain has wrecked your rig and it’s rotting away, sell your junk RV in Washington to a specialized dealer who will overlook the mold and mildew. What you may think is worthless junk can earn you more than you think.

Washington’s Weather and Recreational Vehicles

RV enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest are well aware of the stunning beauty of this incredibly unique part of the country. With loads of campgrounds, forests, mountains, and an abundance of places to visit, it’s a dreamland for those with an adventurous spirit. However, the area’s severe weather can turn a pristine RV into a hunk of junk. This can happen due to weather-related accidents or the damaging effects of precipitation.


Washington’s rain can seem never-ending at times, especially later in the year. Wet winding backroads can be quite dangerous when slick due to frequent rainfall. Hydroplaning can happen in an instant on wet roads and can be even more dangerous on worn RV tires. Under these conditions, it can be far too easy to collide with another vehicle or an object and wreck your rig.

Accidents due to wet roads aren’t the only havoc the rain can wreak on RVs and fifth wheels. The roofs of these vehicles are typically paper thin. Thin roofs help keep rigs as light as possible, but without proper preventative maintenance, standing rainwater will find its way through a roof’s predictable cracks and crevices. A water-damaged rig can lead to rust, mold, mildew, and a host of other value-depreciating issues.

Winter Ice and Snow

Equally dangerous if not worse are the snow and ice that’s possible during the winter months, especially in Washington’s higher elevations. Snow-covered roads could be masking dangerous black ice, making maneuvering a heavy trailer a difficult task. Accidents can easily happen, even for campers with decades of experience. Many a Washington rig has met an unfortunate end after a brief encounter with icy, snowy roads.

If Winter RVing isn’t your thing, but you live in Washington’s higher elevations, snow, and ice can cause roof damage if your rig isn’t properly protected from the elements. Accumulating snow on a rig’s roof can not only lead to water damage, but the additional weight can also cause structural damage. If paying for indoor Winter storage is out of your financial reach, consider tarping your rig or purchasing a professionally made cover while ensuring you keep as much snow off of its roof as possible.

What to Do With Weather-Damaged RVs

Whether your RV was directly damaged by the weather or a weather-related crash, once they’ve become too expensive to repair, many Washington residents haven’t a clue what to do. You may think that it’s become worthless, but that’s simply not true. Your trash is another person’s treasure.

Sell it to a Private Buyer

Although difficult and possibly time-consuming, there are private buyers for junk RVs. Some are looking for a long-term rebuilding project while others may own a similar model and are looking for an inexpensive way to scavenge parts. No matter their reason for wanting yours, it is possible to sell it to a private buyer.

Typical selling methods can range from social media posts to paying for advertising, but the best method is word of mouth. Talking to other RV owners and campground managers can provide valuable leads to individuals who may be interested in purchasing yours.

Sell it to a Specialized Junk RV Dealer

By far the easiest way to sell a difficult-to-sell RV or fifth wheel is to sell it to a specialized RV dealer. These businesses aren’t concerned with conditions or issues and many will haul it away for free. They’ll handle all of the paperwork and are quite easy to do business with. You’ll most likely get more than you thought it was worth and is a hassle-free way of unloading yourself of an unusable burden.

Severe Washington Weather, Your RV, and What To Do

The beautiful state of Washington can be ideal for the RV lifestyle. However, with the endless greenery also comes endless rain that can ruin your rig. Water-damaged RVs can be expensive to fix, and once the mold sets in, buyers will turn their noses. Washington’s weather can also cause collisions and other weather-related accidents that can turn your rig into a wreck.

The best solution is to sell your junk RV to a Washington specialized RV dealer who purchases any and all rigs regardless of their condition. You can easily turn your rotting rig into some quick cash. Contact a specialized junk RV dealer today.

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