The Keys to Being a Safer Driver

Even though most of us have been through driver’s ED, some people still do not know how to be a safe driver. Many accidents can be avoided if people use defensive driving techniques. There are many ways that you can keep yourself and others safe while driving.

Avoid Drinking and Driving

Alcohol use is risky. You will not be able to react as quickly if you drink before you get behind the wheel. The legal intoxication in most states is 0.08. However, even if you have only had one or two drinks, your driving ability can still be negatively impacted.

Avoid Texting and Driving

Sending or reading a text message while driving is dangerous. In fact, the collective experience of Pines Salomon injury lawyers based in San Diego has taught them that texting and driving causes “just as much damage on the road as driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs.” It not only takes your eyes off of the road, but it also diverts your attention away from the road. Any message that you receive while driving is not worth risking your life, not to mention the lives of others in the car or on the road with you.

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Avoid Drowsy Driving

Many people would never get behind the wheel if they have been drinking. However, it is common for people to drive while they are sleepy. This can be just as dangerous as drinking and driving. Make sure that you are rested before you get behind the wheel.

Use a Dash Cam

There are several benefits that you can potentially reap by using a dash cam while driving. You will be able to easily report bad drivers because you will have the evidence on camera. Drivers have a tendency to be more cautious when they know that they are being recorded. If you get into an accident, then you will be able to easily report it.

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Pay More Attention to the Road Than the Signs

The purpose of road signs is to keep everyone safe. However, road signs do not take the time of day into consideration. They also do not take the unpredictable behavior of drivers into consideration. That is why it is important for you to pay more attention to the road than the signs.

Turn on the Headlights

Many people think that the only time that they should turn on their headlights is when they are driving at night. However, you should have your headlights on when there is fog, rain or snow. You will have an easier time seeing if you have the headlights on.

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Scan Ahead

Most drivers know to focus on the car ahead of them. However, you will also need to pay attention to all of the other cars as well as the other road conditions. Scanning ahead will let you know whether you should slow down or avoid certain conditions.

It is hard to stay safe while driving because you cannot control the actions of the other people on the road. However, you can keep yourself safe by using a dash cam. You will also need to avoid listening to music, drinking or texting while driving. Use your headlights when the weather is bad. Additionally, you will need to drive when you are well-rested.

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