Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed Concept

The Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed Brings The F1 Halo To Road Cars

Of the many technological changes and advancements that Formula 1 has seen in the past decade alone, I’d argue that the halo is one of the most pivotal. What may have started as a divisive safety device, the halo has since proven to be a lifesaver. Several noteworthy crashes could’ve resulted in casualties in the past several seasons of F1 since its introduction, had it not been for the halo that kept drivers safe, even in the most gut-wrenching of incidents. As iconic as F1’s halo has been, there’s a chance we might even see it on road cars someday soon.

Previewing a road-going halo, the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed concept is also the first of what could be an exclusive line-up of limited edition, highly bespoke cars from AMG. If you want one, with pockets deep enough and if you’re a dedicated Mercedes-AMG customer, you could stand to be one of the 250 lucky owners who’d get a chance to drive one. Underneath, the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed is an unholy amalgamation of an SL and an AMG GT, but that’s where those similarities end. As you can see, the AMG PureSpeed has neither a roof nor a windscreen.

Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed Concept

Formula 1 Inspirations For The Road

Instead, the open-top speedster is broken up only by an F1-inspired halo, which replaces the conventional A-pillar. While it may look like a loving homage to the Formula 1 halo, the halo here does play two important roles on the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed. For starters, just in case you roll over your expensive new AMG speedster, it ought to be strong enough to protect your head from being crushed. Aside from its safety benefits, the halo aids with aerodynamics, too. Buy one, and Mercedes-AMG will also supply you with two aero-focused helmets, too.

With that in mind, the one key difference is the width of the cockpit between the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed and a Formula 1 car. This means that the halo shouldn’t get in the way of your peripheral vision, or that of your passengers. Otherwise, you’d still benefit from the speedster design, with more air and openness that a cabriolet can only dream of giving you. Compared to the SL or AMG GT, the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed Concept additionally offers you a bespoke set of paint finishes and upholstery, as well as a really nice custom dashboard clock by IWC.

Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed Concept

Open Top Cruising And Teutonic Speed

Although the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed is designed more as a relaxed road racer and a grand tourer, there are some literal hypercar inspirations behind its engineering. In fact, you’ll see a lot of AMG ONE in the PureSpeed, such as the low-slung silhouette and the visible carbon fibre sections in the lower half of the bodywork. Meanwhile, the aero-disc wheel covers are more than just design touches, as AMG has covered the rear wheels to further improve the aero. The front wheels, however, are kept open to maximise airflow for brake cooling and downforce.

Further in the front, you might notice some historic Mercedes styling, as well. The long, low front end and the ‘shark nose’ are strongly evocative of a 300 SLR. Nonetheless, the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed is very much a contemporary, modern sports car. You’ll note the low air intake and vast, curvaceous bonnet. To make sure you don’t blow your wig away as you’re storming down the autobahn, a couple of small wind deflectors ought to keep the wind out of the cabin. The little aero flicks on the side fenders and the muscular rear shoulders are a nice touch, too.

Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed Concept

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